Saturday, January 26, 2019

I saw her today in my reflection... I stood on the edge of the wooden foot bridge, that crossed over the creek, that wound through the forest. It was a beautiful day and I was happy. I was walking along, taking my time [as usual, since I always have my camera with me], listening to the birds singing, listening to the trees moaning as they rubbed against each other with the gentle breeze. I had crossed this bridge a hundred times, more often than not, just crossing over, maybe looking at the rocks, taking a photo of the babbling water, or seeing if I could catch a glimpse of a fish or a salamander. But this day was I stood on the edge of bridge, I looked straight down and there she grandmother...
...looking back up at me with that smile I fell in love with as a tiny little girl, those arms that would hug me and squeeze me tight and those lips that would kiss my cheek and say "I love you". I could never forget those pretty hazel blue/green eyes that sparkled with life and would almost close entirely when she laughed really hard, and those long thin graceful fingers that, most certainly, could have played Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" or Debussy's "Clair de Lune" on the piano, with grace and perfection. 
It had been a long time since I had seen her, you see, she's flown to the dark side of the moon, along with my father and my little sister, but here, today, she was right there. It was one of the best walks through the woods I had ever had. 
[my grandmother with 4 of her 5 children ---that's my father]

When I got home, I took a long bath, changed into my sleeping cloths and then looked at myself in the mirror...and there she was again.

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"never regret growing's a privilege denied to many"

Friday, January 4, 2019

We could all use a little therapy!

So what do you immediately think about when you hear the word "therapy" --- I think about laying on a couch, pouring my life problems and things I'm "hung up on" out to a total stranger that is probably not even listening, or has already decided what "pill" he/she is going to prescribe for me to make my days better. But why should I pay money to "feel better"? It don't even make sense, if you really think about it. I'm 57 years old! I should know what to do to feel better...right! Not necessarily. It's not the same as taking ibuprofen for aches and pains...and then you feel better in an hour. It's not the same as laying down to take a nap and waking up feeling better in an hour, or so. It's not the same as taking a long hot bath with some yummy bath salts or fizzy balls [although that is an awesome way to unwind!]. When you have something going on in your head that you can't stop thinking about, there is not a whole lot you can do about it, except DISTRACT your brain! That's all! No pills, no couches, no wires attached to your head [like those crazy things they used to try on crazy people], nothing like that. The best thing that I have found that works, time and time and time and time again, is art journaling, hand-lettering, coloring, doodling, things like that! 
When you distract your brain, your whole physical body changes it's's a proven fact! It's something that just happens! To heal the deepest roots of emotional pain we need to gain access to the encouraging imagery that arises from our creative unconscious mind. Sometimes I'll get in a "funk" and then realize it's been months since I've done any journaling. When I sit down with my journal in the evenings and draw, I can feel my whole body relax and say "ah...this is what I needed". I actually started a drawing group on facebook a year, or so, ago and we have a weekly "drawing theme" --- please feel free to join our group! It's a lot of fun and will jump start you into art/journaling therapy! After all, what could it possibly hurt! And like I've said time and time again, everybody has an inner artist that's just dying to get out! I promise may even "shock" yourself!
I can't wait to see your drawing!!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of every day life" ~ Picasso