Tuesday, July 20, 2010


...some of my favorite things. I was lucky enough to be born and raised in south Louisiana, so the beach was only a few short hours away. Over the years, I've collected quite a few [to say the least] seashells. Most are sprinkled throughout my house, in various baskets and bowls, or just sitting proudly on a shelf in my book case. But then there are those that are crammed into a box in the closet, un-loved and un-admired. So yesterday morning, while I was sitting here drinking my java, I pulled the box out and started looking at them all, individually, one by one. Then, it came to me...since most of them have holes already, why not make something really cool with them that I can share with others...and voila ~ here are two that I created yesterday:this one is called "Beachcomber" and is chockablock full of tiny gemstones, pearls and glass danglies. And then there is this one:named "Pulling muscles from a shell" and is full of tiny garnet stones and coral beads. And I made another one last night, that I haven't listed yet, or even taken pictures of. You can check the shop later this afternoon for a peek at it. It will be called "The world is your oyster", since I used on oyster shell to create it. It's really awesome ~ my favorite, so far.and I just love this! A little rain soaked daisy that looks like it's "peeking out" to make sure the rain has stopped and the coast is clear.

Have a great day everybody!! I'm off to creative land. It's way to hot outside to do anything else, but swim and I don't feel like swimming today.

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it so it goes on flying anyway." ~ Mary Kay Ash

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time for some rest & relaxation...

...in just a few short days, we'll be going to the beach for a whole week! I can't wait! Of course, I'm stressing over getting things done before we go. These last few weeks have taken their toll on me [and my housework]. Back to back shows have been awesome, though!! Thanks to everybody that has come out to support me. And, of course, thanks to all of you that support me through the cyber world. I love ya'll!! And you just can't go to the beach without an ankle bracelet...that's how you can monitor your tan lines. So I made this awesome little anklet to wear while I'm there. With all of the "oil hoopla", we decided to go to the Atlantic beach. I've never been there before, since I'm from Louisiana, the Gulf coast is the only beach I've ever strolled. I can't wait! My husband was stationed on the "Isle of Palms" in South Carolina when he was in the Navy, so that's where we are going! He tells me that I'll love it, and I'm sure I will!! Plus, Ozzy & Lita are coming with us and I can't wait to see Ozzy's face the first time he sees the ocean. That little dog is going to go nuts!
I'm so excited about seeing the sea, that it seems as though everything I've made lately has a beach theme...like this awesome little bangle bracelet named "me and my love of the sea" and this gorgeous Louisiana/Gulf Coast themed necklace named "Southern Charm". And these are both for sale in the shop, in case you want to seem them closer.

I've been obsessed lately with my patch of daisies growing in the garden. Everyday I run out there to take a picture or two. It's amazing how "individual" flowers really are when you look at them closely. Like this one, for instance, looks like it has angel wings. I just love them!! And my daisies were the inspiration for these:I love how the carved Olive Quartz flowers are not quite exact....just like the daisies. But these are called "Summer Squash Blossoms" ~ because that's what they also remind me of.So as the "dog days of summer" are fast approaching and the katydids are chirping so loud at night you can't hear yourself think, bi-weekly trips to "Queen's Farm" [an all organic farm that's less than 3 miles from my house] is a must! The sweet corn is starting to come in, along with peppers, squashes, potatoes, beans & flowers. Besides the daisies, I think these cone flowers are right up there with some of my favorites, as well.

Well, I guess I had more to share than I thought!! Thanks for sticking around and reading my ramblings...Life is good and I hope you are having a great Summer!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy." ~ Anne Frank

Friday, July 2, 2010

Old books, bats & birds...

...my finds from the book sale!!! Every year there is a huge book sale @ Brevard College and I just love going there and perusing all of the old books to see what I can find. These were the ones I couldn't resist! The little pink one is from Denmark and looks like a story about a bar room brawl...then there's the one about etiquette [which is down right hilarious], then an old piano book that has really old, wonderful pages of music that I can use for my photography, then a huge book on the life & art of Frida Kahlo [whom I absolutely adore] ~ I will be using her cover picture for my earring prop ~ check it out:
I think she wears the "Crocodile Tears" earrings very, very well. But the book I love the most is "The Limerick" ~ it made me laugh out loud! People were looking at me and I was just giggling and giggling. I'll share one of the limericks, but they are all really, really nasty! I hope nobody gets offended, but I think it will make you giggle, just the same:

There was a young fellow named Goody
Who claimed that he wouldn't, but would he?
If he found himself nude,
with a gal in the mood
The question's not would he, but could he?

hee hee ~ and to think, I got a whole book of that silly stuff for just $1! The way I see it, if something can make you laugh out loud and it only cost one dollar, that's one dollar very well spent!

I'll be at the "Cashiers Mountain Music Festival" tomorrow and then next Sunday, I'll be at "The Big Crafty" ~ if you live close, try to come out and see me. The "special" for both shows will be these awesome little bat necklaces:they come in a variety of finishes and will only be $15 each!! A great necklace for all of you "Twilight & Eclipse" fans, as well as all my homies in "Transylvania County".and before I end this post, I have to share my little mama Robin. She made a nest right next to our deck and now she has some little babies...I haven't seen the babies yet, but I can't wait to!

Have a great 4th of July weekend everybody!!!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth." ~ Chinese Proverb