Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I'm A Witch!

I read this blog yesterday that outlined the 13 signs that you're a Witch!  Surprisingly, all 13 signs were exactly me!  I mean, ALL the signs!  And, interestingly enough, I enjoy being a Witch.  Now I know why Halloween is my most favorite day of the year [besides my birthday, of course].  Just had to share the 13 signs here.  Copied from this blog:
  If you think you are a witch, you are a witch — meaning you are a Goddess, Priestess, Healer, Shaman, Wise Woman. Here is a round up of 13 moonlit and mystical signs you might be a witch:

1. Earth Powers. A witch is a woman of the earth. We inherit her natural powers of birth, transformation, healing, rebirth. These are the powers of woman, one in the same with the powers of the earth.
“Where there is woman, there is magic.” ~ Ntozake Shange
Do you find the answers to life through the patterns of Mother Nature? Is her wisdom your wisdom? Are you, your life and body, aligned with her seasons?
For instance, are you on fire — sexually and creatively in the Summer, letting go and cutting out what does not serve in the Fall, dying to the old in the dark silence of Winter, and reborn in the Spring?
2. Wisdom. Do you find yourself bubbling from an internal cauldron of ancient natural healing wisdom?
Are people drawn to you to sit by your fire and discuss life and all its fury, pain, love and wonder? Do you end up sending them off with hope in their hearts, and perhaps a tincture, a potion, an herbal remedy (you are familiar with the properties of plants), or even a ritual or two?
In other words, when shit hits the fan, is it you they come to?
3. Nature. Do you live by or in the woods, or by a body of water — and if not, do you long to?
Witches, being intricately intertwined with nature, embodying the powers of the Great Mother herself, long to be as close to her natural beauty and power as possible. Many do their rituals by the water or in the woods. You have most likely always felt at home in nature.
4. Storms. Are you not afraid of storms? In fact do you revel in the power of Mother Nature at her most visceral? And do you sometimes wonder if you yourself — your passion and energy — caused the storm?
5. Animal Nature. Are animals naturally attracted to you, and do you love them as well, so much that you cry empathetically with the creatures of this planet? Do you naturally know their totems, and find wisdom and insight in their visits/appearances in your life?
Do lost dogs follow you home, do birds fly into your windows, do horses rush towards you in the fields and place their long necks on your shoulders? Do you find you can speak to them? Heal them?
Witches and animals are so aligned with nature that they speak a similar energetic language and recognize each other.
6. The Moon. Are you drawn, pulled, and moved by the moon’s energy? Have you gazed at her, spoken to her, been flooded by her light since you were a little girl? Are you aligned with her phases?
For instance, do you start new projects and relationships when she waxes (grows full), do things peak and culminate — and tend to go a little crazy — around you while she is full, and are you drawn to let things go, or end relationships and patterns, as she wanes?
On the New Moon, in the darkest of nights, do you sit with the mystery, the emptiness and unknown, the potential and possibility of the dark? Do you dream up new plans in the dark of the new moon?
If you answered No, then the above are just a few ways you can attune with the moon’s phases.
7. Powerful. Do you have more than a sneaking suspicion that your wishes come true — good or bad, and are you perhaps a little cautious and in awe of your own power? Have you been called an old soul on the reg?
Witches are as old as time; your eyes — the windows to your soul — hold ancient stories and secrets, myths and mysteries, answers and possibilities.
You were probably speaking ancient truths and wisdom even — or especially — before you forgot your magic, as a little child.
8. Healing. Are you drawn to the healing arts? Do you tend to seek natural or energetic remedies for yourself, and do you offer them to others? Have you ever laid a hand on someone’s bad back, which was fixed the next day? People might also heal just by being around you.
Witches, being so attuned to the earth, are natural healers.
9. Past Life Memories. Do you have painful past life memories or images of being cast out, burned, or drowned — just for being wild, wise, and free you?
Most importantly, are you scarred from for being different, not conforming, for loving who you wanted to love, for speaking the truth/saying what you were called to say — in an old lifetime? This is karma you are awake to heal. It is time to not be afraid, and to be your you-est you.
This is how you will heal your karma, by being unafraid to live your fullest expression. It is your time.
10. Outsider-ness. Have you always felt a little bit of an outsider — nose pressed against the glass of life on earth, while knowing you were actually an insider of a magical tribe, with insider wisdom?
While you never fit in the norm, you knew there was something sacred, secret, special about you — a magic just a few other magical people could see.
You do not run with big crowds; you are a bit more of a sensitive but powerful lone wolf; you need a lot of time to think, dream, recharge, and commune with Source — Nature/The Universe/The Goddess.
11. Mystical Crystals/Accoutrements. You are drawn to beautiful rocks — pieces of earth energy — and you have kept stones like clear quartz, turquoise, rose quartz around you for as long as you can remember, even if you did not know their properties at the time.
They were either given to you, or you picked them up along the way and collected at least a few.
Witches know the properties of the earth’s stones and charge them with — among other things — healing, love, abundance and protective benefits, and are often wearing their special stones in jewelry.
You also love to keep candles around and lit — because candles are invitations to spirits and angels, and create a more magical, divine vibe. And you probably like a good, energy-clearing sage or incense.
12. Magic. Did you believe in magic as a child, see magic in the air and in life? Were you drawn to magical things, creatures, fables, stories, even as you grew older, despite everyone telling you “There Was No Such Thing?”
And despite the rest of the world not believing, did you save some room in your heart for tales of magic, love, and the mystical and mysterious — anyway?
Were you drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable? Have you always thought there was no such thing as a coincidence, that we were not really alone, and this was not all there was?
Do you believe that no-thing means nothing — in other words, everything means something? Do you believe in signs and symbols?
13. More Magic and Divinations. Speaking of signs and symbols — you get premonitions, as if you have an internal crystal ball.
When you are talking about what you think will happen, people tend to perk up and listen. Sometimes you see or feel outcomes — flash forwards — so far ahead that you find it frustrating when others have not caught up with you! You have dreams and visions, of past lives and the future.
And you can read other people and their energy and intentions fairly well. You have Sixth Sense. It is also a reason why you are drawn to Tarot, Runes, or other mist-parting divinations.

I hope this has helped. These are just 13 signs — you might recognize a few, or a whole lot of these witchy ways. A witch’s message is one of self-love, earth-love, and about the importance of aligning with the phases of the earth and moon. Pretty simple, really.
But at one point, if you were too close with the earth, if you were too wise, too powerful — too much, and definitely too feminine — you were cast out or slain for your largeness and wildness. It need not be so any longer.
It is time to heal your past karmas, own your power, wisdom and beauty, and rise, dear ones — the earth needs you, and we, of course, need the earth.
  Happy Tuesday!  Love and peace always ~ Kathy
"Wisdom is but self-awareness, beyond all words and talk." ~ Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Laughing & Snowing!

I ordered a new mannequin for my earring and necklace display to use in my Etsy shop.  I really love it!  What do you think?  Some peeps were kinda freaked out by her and think she's rather creepy, but she's growing on me.  I need to name her, though.  What do you think?  What should I call her?  Leave me a comment.
Yay!  We finally got some snow today!  Although it didn't last long, didn't stick and the flakes were really blowing around, I managed to at least get one picture!  And it's going to be cold tomorrow!!  Brrrrr...glad I don't have any plans until tomorrow evening.  Perhaps I'll straighten up my beading desk...maybe.

 "Floating by without a sound...my window to the skies
surely if I look straight up, they'll land upon my eyes
light and airy weightless flakes, blowing in the wind
love to watch them melt away...when landing on my skin
winters come and winters go, this we all agree
snow is something I really don't like, but really love to see." - by me - 01.21.2014

Happy Tuesday!  love and peace always ~ Kathy

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.” --- A.A. Milne

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I wish I was more of an "outdoors" type of girl...

...sometimes I wish I would've grown up biking, hiking, and mountainside climbing, just because I think I would have really enjoyed it NOW.  Growing up in South Louisiana wasn't the best place to do any of those things.  Of course, I was always out on my bike when I was a kid, but that was way different than tearing down the side of a mountain and jumping tree roots and steams on a bicycle!  Those people are crazy!  
Or, more likely it's just second nature to them.  A lot of times I feel a little twinge of envy when somebody goes running past me on a trail, or flying past on a mountain bike with mud all over their backside...I kinda wish it were me, but it's not.  At least I finally discovered, even later in life, that I truly LOVE being outside, even if it's just looking out my window.
 I read an article yesterday on Yahoo about a family "living off the grid" and I thought, that would really be fun and then I think..if I were only younger...as I'm reading farther down in the article and looking at all the photos of the cute little family and their adorable little house and their animals and their garden...the whole time getting more and more envious...and then, I get to the photo of the mom, washing cloths "the old fashioned way" with a washboard and hanging them on the line and I think "hell no!"  And then "SNAP" ~ I'm back in my own little world and truly grateful that I live MY life the way I want to live because I wouldn't want it any other way!  I think life is just like that...everybody has their purpose and mine is NOT being an "outdoors" type.
But I do love hiking and walking through the woods with my camera!

life is good!  love and peace always ~ Kathy

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Freebie, Food, Friends and For the Hell of it!

Welp, one month from today is Valentine's Day!  And what does that mean?  Free stuff from people that love you...mostly red stuff, stuff with hearts, stuff with candy and stuff with stuffing.  And I'm all about surprises...like this sweet little Owl I got in the mail yesterday...just because, from a dear friend that I've known for many, many years.  It's amazing how a tiny little gesture can swell your heart so much!
And she wrote me the sweetest little "Thank you" card about how I make her smile with all of my facebook posts and photos!  So sweet!!  You know, the best way to make someone's day is just a random act of kindness.  I've been going through some of my stuff and randomly sending tiny things to people on my mailing list...next Monday I'll be sending this cute little flying pig to somebody...
...maybe you!  If you are interested in receiving a "random act of kindness" from me and not sure if I have your mailing address, please leave a comment on this post and I'll add you to my address book.  No worries, comments have to be approved by me before being published, so I'm the only one that will see your address.  And, for the hell of it, in keeping with the theme of random acts and Valentine's Day.  I'll be giving a pair of these away next Tuesday [January 21st].  
And all you have to do for a chance to win them is comment on this post, or leave a comment on the link to this blog on my facebook page.  That's it!  Good luck!  And, if you want to see these up close and read all about them, they are for sale in my Etsy shop!
 And if you are sitting around, needing some comfort food, this potato soup is to die for!!  OMG!  It is so good!  Wayne ate three whole bowls full and I think we are going to have it again tonight, since we are attending a "GMO" lecture/seminar with Jeffery Smith at 7 o'clock [which I'm excited about and will tell you more about later].
If you haven't done so already, please be sure to sign up for "The Daily Turtle" to get daily inspirations from my reptile and amphibian friends - you won't regret it, I promise!

Happy Tuesday!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live." ~ Native American

Friday, January 10, 2014

Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!  Thank you for being so awesome!  Hope you enjoy the 25% shop discount!
A couple of years ago I signed up on this website, so I could download vintage clipart, postcards, greeting cards, etc.  I have to say, I've been more than pleased with the choices and the new things they always have available.  Perusing the site this morning and came across some rather hilarious Valentine greeting cards...I'm sharing a few with you ~ hee hee
I really just don't get this one at all?
And this one is, well, just a tad disturbing to say the least
 This one cracks me up!
I wonder how long it took for someone to come up with this clever Valentine [*wink*]
And this one is cute, but just a little strange...for a Valentine?
And this one is just...well, you decide
lol...thought this was a little over the top for a kid's Valentine
And last, but not least, my favorite one ~ Now I'm inspired to make my own Valentine's cards!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Who is wise in love, love most, say least." ~ Lord Alfred Tennyson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I need to go barefoot more often...

I just finished reading this article about Mick Dodge...what a great story!  I often wonder if I could/would ever be brave enough to just throw all caution to the wind and become a "mountain mama" [probably not] - the idea of it is so intriguing, though!  I could listen to someone tell forest stories forever!  For now, I'll just look forward to the time I can spend in the woods and then look forward to being home again, in the comforts of my dwelling...but, one thing I know for sure, I'm going to go barefoot more often!
And not just when I'm doing yoga!  I need to "feel" the Earth again...the dirt, the water, the moss, the grass, the sand and the ocean...I need to reconnect with the things I love the most...which are not "things" [in a material sense], at all...

Happy Wednesday!  love and peace always ~ Kathy

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 6, 2014

Letting go and random acts of kindness...

I've decided that I need to start cleaning out some of my "collectibles" - things I use for photo props, craft stuff, etc., but, rather than give it all to Goodwill, I'm going to send things, randomly, to people on my mailing list...someone that has said something really nice to me lately, or done something for me, or has done something really nice for someone else, or is always encouraging others.  I won't be including any information in the package, rather than a small note, so you may, or may not, know who sent it...
...unless a little birdie tells you.  Hopefully, if you receive something random in the mail, it will make your day and encourage you to pay it forward!

Hope you are staying warm and cozy in this frigid weather! 

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction." ~ Martin Kornfeld

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Magic and the accidental tree house...

Sometimes I really do wish I was magic and REALLY do wish I was friends with elves...I could get everything done that I want to accomplish.  Like now, I can't decide if I want to sit in front of the fire and sew, on this last day of Christmas Tree charm...the tree and all the trimmings will be put away tomorrow...bitter/sweet
or, if I want to stay up in my studio and make jewelry, while enjoying this view
snow caps on the Blue Ridge this morning...I really DO live in a tree house!  It wasn't my intentions, at first...it just sorta ended up that way.

Happy Saturday!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"some days all I do is watch the sky" - unknown

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year's Resolution...everything I need, I already have...

Well, I may be a day late, but so far, I'm not a dollar short!  At first I wasn't going to make a New Year's "resolution", mainly because I can never keep it, mainly because I make unrealistic resolutions, like climbing Mt. Everest, stuff like that [lol, not really, but really that unrealistic, in comparison].  I recently subscribed to an online website called "Mind/Body/Green", because I found myself going there almost daily to read some of the articles.  One of the articles posted yesterday was about giving stuff away, clearing clutter, letting go, realizing what's important are NOT "things".  It really hit home with me and I thought, that's it!  I spend way to much money on stuff I really don't need.  So the first thing I did this morning was write a big note that says "Everything I need, I already have." and I taped it to my computer monitor [since most of the shopping I do is on-line].  Before I hit that "add to cart" button next time, I'll be sure to read my note first.  I also "unsubscribed" to any e-mails that tempt me to purchase things...beads, shoes, jewelry, cloths, etc.  So, my "resolution" this year will be to see how long I can go before I buy something I really don't need...I'll keep you posted on my progress.
What resolutions have you ever made and kept?  Do you have one you are starting for 2014?  Let me know...we can encourage each other!  Or, perhaps you can be encouraged by Frankie's daily affirmations...what I call "The Daily Turtle"
Hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season!!

love and peace always ~ Kathy
"Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~ Carl Bard