Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Autumn! How 'bout A Giveaway!!!

Happy Autumn Everybody!!!  It sure came in full force around here!  We took a ride up to the Parkway Sunday and the leaves are already turning up there:
Just gorgeous!  I've been making stuff like crazy, getting ready for a three day show next weekend in beautiful Cashiers, NC ~ it's the 3rd Annual Leaf Festival and it's an awesome show!  If you can make it, I encourage you to attend.  The music is great, the food is awesome and the art vendors are amazing!  So, I just popped in to say hello and "Happy Autumn" and to give you a chance to win these:
"Golden Gingko" ~ perfect for Autumn!  All you have to do is comment on this post and Lita will be picking a winner Monday!  Good Luck!!!

Happy Wednesday everybody!!!  xoxoxo ~ Kathy

A woodland in full color is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart.  ~ Hal Borland

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding love...

...who says it's hard to find love?  It's all in what you're looking for.  I found lots of "love" yesterday, like these awesome books:
and they were only $1 each!  One dollar!  They are so beautiful and fun!  Especially this one:
The illustrations are gorgeous and some of the songs are so funny:
And, as if I didn't find enough "love" just by finding the books, I spotted these next to the parking lot when I was leaving the grocery store:
They were just perfect, standing there all in a row, tall and proud.  I jumped out of my car [leaving it running], laid on the ground and took photos.  To my surprise, I heard a gentleman's voice hollering "hey lady, are you okay" ~ lol, some people just don't "get it".

I'm off to find more "love" today!  Hope you find some, too!
Happy Thursday!!!  xoxoxo ~ Kathy

"I passed my love's window, both early and late,
The look that she gave me, it made my heart ache.
Oh, the look that she gave me was painful to see,
For she loves another one better than me." ~ Green Grow the Lilacs [as sung by Tony Kraber]

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I love Fairs and Carnivales!!!!

What a great Summer!!!  And to top it off, we went to the WNC State Fair and it was awesome!  My favorite were the pig races:
 The little gal in front squeezed out the others to take the lead and win the race!  They were racing for cheetos!  So cute!!!  The acrobats were pretty awesome, too:

These peeps are from Africa and they were very talented!  After a gondola ride about the grounds,

I spotted yet more of my favorite things:

Corn dogs, curly fries and lemonade!  And, it was awesome and so delish!  I'm really glad the fair only comes to town once a year!  But the best part was just having fun and indeed, I did!

So, if you have a fair coming to your town, I encourage you to go!  It's the one place where you can be a kid again!
And, as if I weren't having enough fun, I found this:

An awesome animation, created with paper dolls by my most favorite artist ever, Ms. Emily Martin [aka The Black Apple] ~ I'm in love!

 Happy Sunday!!!  xo ~ Kathy

"The things which the child loves remain in the domain of the heart until old age. The most beautiful thing in life is that our souls remain over the places where we once enjoyed ourselves” ~ Kahlil Gibran

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Okay, now I'm really convinced that Jen & Ozzy have some type of telepathy going on!  I usually write everybody's names on little strips of paper and then fold them a couple of times and toss them in the air.  When they land on the floor, whomever is picking [Ozzy or Lita], will usually grab one and run off with it...that's who the winner is!  But yesterday, when I tossed the papers in the air, Ozzy grabbed one, in mid air and ran off with it!  And, it just so happened to be "Jen" ~ so *yay* ~ Jen is the winner of those awesome Lilac earrings!!!  Whoo hoo ~ enjoy!!!  And thank you, thank you, thank you, for everybody helping me to narrow down my pics for the show at the gallery!  I still haven't decided which three to use, but at least I have it narrowed down.  And Jen, tell Grace "practice, practice, practice" ~ she's going to be an awesome nature photographer, I just know it!!!!
I'm on a roll making stuff, I have three shows coming up, so I'll talk to ya'll later!!!  Ya'll are awesome!!!!  Happy Tuesday!!

Love & peace always ~ Kathy