Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finding love...

...who says it's hard to find love?  It's all in what you're looking for.  I found lots of "love" yesterday, like these awesome books:
and they were only $1 each!  One dollar!  They are so beautiful and fun!  Especially this one:
The illustrations are gorgeous and some of the songs are so funny:
And, as if I didn't find enough "love" just by finding the books, I spotted these next to the parking lot when I was leaving the grocery store:
They were just perfect, standing there all in a row, tall and proud.  I jumped out of my car [leaving it running], laid on the ground and took photos.  To my surprise, I heard a gentleman's voice hollering "hey lady, are you okay" ~ lol, some people just don't "get it".

I'm off to find more "love" today!  Hope you find some, too!
Happy Thursday!!!  xoxoxo ~ Kathy

"I passed my love's window, both early and late,
The look that she gave me, it made my heart ache.
Oh, the look that she gave me was painful to see,
For she loves another one better than me." ~ Green Grow the Lilacs [as sung by Tony Kraber]

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  1. Be thankful there are still "gentlemen" left and that someone had genuine concern for your well being. ;) Love the shot! You are amazing! With all the recent rain, we have had many varieties of mushrooms popping up all around.


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