Tuesday, September 25, 2012


woot woot!!  Are you ready to win some gorgeous earrings...just in time for Autumn!
These are called "Pumpkin Spice" and they are brand new in the shop!  However, I'll be giving a pair of them away Friday morning!  And all you have to do is one of three things for a chance to win:

1.  Leave a comment on this blot post
OR 2. "Like" the link to this post on my facebook page
OR 3.  Leave a comment on the link to this post on my facebook page

Ozzy will be picking a winner Friday...and he has a tendency to grab up more than one name and take off running with them...just so you know.

Good Luck!!  And don't forget, you can get 20% off of your entire purchase from my Etsy Shop, by using coupon code FALL2012 at checkout.  Just my way of saying "thanks" and Happy Autumn!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn, Leaves & A Coupon Code!!!

Happy Autumn Everybody!!  Wow, the days have been just gorgeous around here.  The birds are so happy, the leaves are dancing and the chipmunks are chipping.  I've been busy, busy, busy...making lots of beautiful new earrings, just in time for your Fall wardrobe.  Like these, for instance:
 Named "Falling Leaves" and they are for sale in my Etsy Shop. And, just for you, I have a special Autumn coupon code for 20% off ~ just type in coupon code FALL2012 at checkout to receive the discount. 
Not only has Autumn arrived in full swing, the butterflies are migrating through this area and are everywhere!  These little "Buckeyes" are some of my most favorites.  And, they are the easiest to photograph, since they keep their wings open a lot...just gorgeous!  Although these are not butterflies, the butterflies inspired them:
I'm in love with the Faceted Green Amethyst [Prasiolite] stones.  I named these "Fluttering" ~ they are for sale in the shop, too!  And don't forget your coupon code [FALL2012] for 20% off!

Back to work!  Hope you are having a beautiful day!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And the winner is....

[insert drum-roll here] ~ Dave & Cindy Jo!!  Whoo hoo...you both won a pair of those awesome Autumn Leaf Earrings from my last post!!  There were so many entries, I decided to give away two pair.  Congratulations!!  And I can't wait to see what they look like on you, Dave Allen! ~ Epic!
And even though Lita hates everybody right now, she got an excellent check-up yesterday from Dr. Crouch!  Yay...she's on the mend!  10 more weeks to go!

I'll be busy making new stuff today...be sure to stop by the shop later and check it out!!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life, Love, Leaves, Lasagna & Lita...

whew...September has been a whirlwind of activities for me!  Lita had surgery, I shot my very first wedding, I had 2 back to back art shows...and, it's only the 16th!  So, first of all, I had to share this gorgeous butterfly with you...his wings are worn and tattered, but I'm honored he chose his last few days on earth to spend with me in my flower garden...so beautiful!
 I'm so excited!!  I was hired to shoot my very first wedding!  This is my favorite shot from the event.  A wonderful experience and a beautiful young couple :)
And then, my poor little Lita had to have surgery!  She went running down the hill [chasing Ozzy, as usual] and literally tore the tendon in her leg right in half.  The surgeon cut her leg bone, stacked it back up and then screwed it together with metal plates.  But, that's not the worst part...the worst part is, we have to keep her from using it for 6 whole weeks!  Ugh...she's so sad.  We have to take her out with a leash and a sling to go potty...she wants to play so bad :(
So, just to give her a little bit of excitement, I'm going to give away a pair of these beautiful copper leaf earrings and I'm going to let her pick the winner Wednesday morning [the 19th].  Of course, all you have to do to get your name in the hat is comment on this blog post, or leave a comment on the link on my facebook page ~ good luck!
 And these are so gorgeous!  I named them "Ghost Leaves" ~ the copper filigree leaves are so light-weight, you forget you have them on.  I wore mine yesterday and got so many compliments!  And, if you don't win them, they are for sale in my Etsy shop and they are only $10 ~ perfect for Autumn!
I'll leave you with this gorgeous butterfly and my Lasagna recipe ~ it's sooooo good!!!  Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the drawing!!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

"Falling short of perfection is a process that just never stops." ~ William Shawn