Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Saturday!

Hello, hello! We are still at the beach ~ having a wonderful time and enjoying the visit with our friends. My Sister & her boyfriend are coming down today to spend a couple of days with us, too. I can't wait to see her! The weather has been a little grim, sorta overcast & muggy, but it made great weather for a little shopping. Check out this oven mitt:Now is this the silliest thing you ever saw! It is so uncomfortable on your hand. I'm sure I would drop something trying to use it. I just don't get the whole "finger" separation thing??? Very strange. I guess that's why it was on clearance @ "Tuesday Morning". But our real treat of the day was the "Grits à Ya Ya" @ "The Fish House" in Pensacola. It's the best stuff I have ever put in my mouth {honest}. Yummmmmmmmmmm:
And now the chef, Jim Shirley, has a cook book out called "Good Grits" with the recipe! Now, I read over the recipe and they left out the "shredded, oven baked sweet potatoes" that are piled on the top! I'm going to try it when I get back home, but I'm sure I can never make it taste the same! Maybe if I used that mitt........

Have a great weekend!!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has courage to lose sight of the shore." - Andre Gide


  1. Are you at Pensacola Beach? We used to go there many years ago.

  2. We are {were} in Perdido Key, which is right next to Pensacola. We had a great time, but I'm glad to be back home and so are Ozzy & Lita. Merry Christmas, Katie!!!


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