Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Days.....

Whoo hoo ~ I think all of my exercise classes are starting to pay off! I feel so much better! Stronger, more balanced ~ I even feel taller! And speaking of "balance", lucky #3 {Jana} won that awesome little "Balance" necklace from my last post! Congratulations, Jana!!! And, by the way, Jana has an amazing blog ~ a must read ~ it certainly has been an inspiration to me ~ what an incredible journey! You rock, Jana! I wish there were a gazillion more people like you in the world. Enjoy your necklace ~:)

And speaking of "rocking" ~ have you seen the new "Rolling Stone" magazine cover:What a brilliant entertainer & what a brilliant magazine! I can't even remember the last one I purchased {it had to be 20 years ago, or more} ~ but I'm getting this one! The article is great, as well as the pictures. I can't wait!!!!

Whew ~ I gotta run for now ~ I have a neclace idea looming in my brain that needs to become a reality ~ I hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!!!! Check back later to see what's up for grabs next week!!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

”I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen” ~ Adam Lambert


  1. I saw an excerpt of an interview with Adam. He's such a good person and his Mom is great too. I wish all parents could be as intuitive and understanding about their kids.
    The whole TV interview is on tonight on 20/20.

  2. Oh, you are a dear. I am so excited about the necklace! :)


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