Sunday, March 13, 2011

March to your own beat...'s the best way to be!  That way, you're never disappointed with the music.
I love these little harmonicas...they are awesome.  I made one a few days ago and I named it "Fine Tuned".  You can see more pics and read up on it here.
The very first daffodil to open this year!  It surprised me this morning!  And this pic is for you Dawn, since I know how you love Daffodils.  The Forsythia is blooming like crazy right now, too:
It's just so "Yellow" ~ I love it!!  And these were inspired by the Forsythia today:
You can find them here, but I'll be giving a pair away Wednesday!  Lita will be picking the winner!!  Good Luck!

It's so gorgeous outside!!  I'm headed out with my camera ~ have a wonderful afternoon!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

Sudden Forsythia by Raymond A. Foss

Forsythia, yellow bush aflame
springtime bursting
into sudden bloom
Memories of my childhood home
the taste of the yellow petals
their feel on my tongue
cascade of thought, memory
a rush of my history
flooding in my mind
captured in these words,
inspired by sudden forsythia
April 19, 2008 ~ Raymond A. Foss


  1. I love forsythia too. They just make me feel so good. I had them in the front corner of our property.I loved to sit on the screened porch and look at them, cut them and bring them inside. About 2 months ago someone crashed into them and took all but 1 out along with a phone pole. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt but I am missing my forsythia so much. That one seems lonely - I am going to have to plant more!

  2. Love the bright spring-time colors of these earrings!! You are so talented!

  3. Mom used to have plenty of these and they have all but died out... it is great to see you enjoying them!
    I dont have any "yellow" earrings... yet... :)
    Happy Day! Cant wait to come up and see the pretties!

  4. I love forsythia too and quince and most especially lilac...what great memories of growing up smelling the lilacs in our yard in Michigan...thanks for helping me to remember that and giving me a good reason to get outside and work in the dirt, all the while singing a tune!
    I hope you're feeling well today Kathy.
    Love to you.


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