Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Love!!!

 Hello Everybody!!  Hope your summer is shaping up great!  We've had amazing weather here, lately!  The high for last Friday was 71 degrees!  71!!!  We slept with the windows open a couple of nights and it was so nice.  Hard to believe it's almost August 1st!  I've been busy, busy, busy making new things and keeping my earring racks full for the shows.  My favorite things of late are these gorgeous paper butterfly wings.  I made earrings and necklaces with them:
And since you are so patient with me and my blog absense, I'm giving this one away on Friday [July 22nd].  Lita is picking the winner!  Just leave a comment on this post and your name will be in the drawing!  Good Luck!!!

And, since I haven't been here since July 4th, I'll share some fireworks with you:

We had such a great visit with my cousin and her family!  I took these from the ledge behind our house.  You can see all the way down into town from up there!  I hope you enjoy them!  

I'm about 1/2 way finished reading Jaycee Dugard's book "a stolen life" ~ what an amazing young woman!  We sure can learn a lot from her.

Good Luck in the drawing!!  Happy Tuesday!!  xo ~ Kathy

"Life's adventure is important.  It is important to live each day to its fullest, whatever life brings you." ~ Jaycee Lee Dugard


  1. 71 degrees! You lucky gal!! We have been well over 90 here this week in Indiana. I think we have 500% humidity too. Yuck! I thank the stars for AC :) It does make all the lovely veggies plump right up though, so it is good... but....

    Your 4th of July pictures are beautiful. They could be postcards.

    Glad you are having a lovely summer.

  2. Wow!! That necklace us beautiful! And omgoodness 71 degrees sounds soooo awesome right now :)

  3. :) Of course, when you say "We slept with the windows open..." I immediately want to be there *NOW* :) HA! So loving your butterfly magic lately. I keep telling everyone, "Yeah - I'm going to stay with my Jeweler in August." ;-)♥ Thanks for your amazing friendship♥

  4. What I wouldn't give for 71...well I'll know what it feels like next week when we're in the mountains of Colorado! I love all the butterfly wing jewelry you're making Kathy, it's all gorgeous!
    We had my nephew here for 2 weeks and I love spending time with him...I miss having him here...wish we lived closer to family members.
    How's the flying squirrel?
    My reading time has been consumed with books about Lyme disease and books about changing my diet to help fight it that way, but hopefully soon, I'll be back to other forms of literature!
    Happy weekend!
    Peace to all.

  5. I hope I'm not too late! I absolutely love, love the butterfly necklace!
    ~ Your firework pictures are beautiful. I have such a hard time getting a good shot of fireworks.
    ~Glad you are having great weather!


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