Friday, January 6, 2012

Hey Ya'll!!!

Thanks for all the comments on my last post, everybody!!  I woke Lita up from her "nap" so she could pick the winner of the earring giveaway...I threw all the names on the floor...she just looked at them at first, but finally picked one up and it was [insert drumroll here] ~ DANA!!!  Yay!!  Congratulations, Dana!  You won those awesome earrings from my last post!!  Send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I'll have them on their way to you in two shakes of a lamb's tail!  I know you will enjoy them!!

The weather was awesome today!!  60 degrees and not a cloud in the sky!  So, Wayne and I took advantage of it and went on a hike!  We came across these beautiful horses, grazing in a field.  They were so friendly and sweet!  This one kept nudging my head and rubbing his nose on my face ~ I fell in love!
And then we came across this awesome tree "hugging a rock"...and it made me wonder...what was there first?  The tree, or the rock?  What do you think?
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!  And I'll leave you with some words of wisdom...
 don't forget to brush your teeth!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

I wonder what you see…
when you look at me.
If you’re my friend, I’ll know it…
because your eyes will surely show it. ~ Written today by me

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  1. WooHoo!! Thank you for the darling earrings. Love your pics from today; especially, the tree-hugger. Tomorrow is supposed to bring more gorgeous weather. Enjoy the weekend!!


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