Saturday, February 25, 2012

All About Art!

While I was searching for my paint brushes yesterday, I came across my box of colored pencils and my old journal that I haven't written or drawn in since 10.03.06.  What a fantastic find!!  I was just about sure I had given those pencils to Broc when we moved to North Carolina from Baton Rouge.  So, this was my entry and drawing for today, using my favorite words with "L" - "Live, Love, Laugh".  Of course, after I took a photo of it, I had to tweak it some in PhotoShop [of course].
I just had to share this crazy photo with ya'll.  I took this last night, when Greg was pouring me a Blue Moon from the tap...then, I funkied it up with Topaz Software in PhotoShop ~ it's epic!  We had some great beers and burgers at "The Square Root" restaurant and then headed over to celebrate Annie's 59th birthday!  It was a great evening!

Happy Saturday, ya'll!!  Life is good!

xoxo & peace always ~ Kathy

"Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time." ~ Thomas Merton

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  1. Fun pics! I know you've been a busy bee; have you checked on the amphibious babies lately? I wonder what our plant & animal friends make of all this unseasonably warm (and then cold again) weather. If we're not getting snow, I'm ready for Spring! :)


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