Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Act of Kindness...

So Monday, after leaving the Dr.'s office, feeling somewhat defeated in my last 8 weeks of working out and losing weight, only to end up screwing up my back, and on my way to Earth Fare to get groceries and realizing it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and that I had only eaten a banana around 9:30 that morning, couldn't help pulling into the Chick-fil-A for a 3 piece chicken strips and coke, silently feeling guilty since I hadn't had anything fried in two months, but still patting myself on the back for resisting the french fries. I knew if I didn't eat something soon that I would spend my whole month of grocery allowance on one trip to Earth Fare and it was only June 4th. The girl at the drive-thru told me my total...4 dollars and some change [I can't remember exactly how much], so I dug out the money, finding exact change in my coin purse, after dropping three dimes back in that I thought were pennies and then thinking about how bad I needed to go the eye doctor [I'll call tomorrow]. I drive around to the window and hand her my money and she says "you don't owe any money today, I picked you for my Random Act of Kindness and all you have to do is pay it forward". I was like, "really!" And she handed me my order and this card. That one little card made my whole day and turned my whole attitude around. I immediately felt better and when I got to Earth Fare, instead of treating myself to a hunk of cheese, or a bag of chips [I did get a nice bottle of wine], I got some yummy "Coconut Crushed Pearl" body butter. It smells sooooo good!!! I slathered some on that evening, breathing in the sweet smell of fresh coconut and noticing how fast my skin drank it in and how sparkly it was and then I realized it was "sparkling bronzing butter" and that I couldn't read the small print on the tube while in the store, since I didn't have on my reading glasses and thought, once again, about how bad I need to go to the eye doctor [I'll call tomorrow]. But now that I look at my arms, they needed a little bit of a sun kiss...or, in other words, a random act of kindness.  And so today, my lovely readers, one of you will be lucky enough to receive these:
Beautiful Brass Ball earrings!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, or on my Facebook page.  Ozzy will be picking the winner Monday morning!  Good luck!!
Before I go, I have to share this gorgeous cactus flower that is starting to open on my cactus.  The plant is literally full of blooms and I can't wait to see it when they are all opened up!  It's gorgeous!  I call this one "seeing the sun for the very first time" ~ hope it made you smile!  Don't forget to leave a comment, so your name will be entered in the drawing and don't forget to pay it forward and do something nice for somebody for no reason at all ~ A random act of kindness.

Happy Saturday!!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

P.S.  If you ever feel like reading great stories, check me out on Cowbird, along with peeps from all over the world!  It's a wonderful, wonderful website :)

"If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction." ~ Martin Kornfeld


  1. Always nice to hear stories such as this; helps renew my faith in human nature. Certainly hope you feel better soon. Are there alternative exercises you can do, such as something in a pool? (Oh, and my guess is that the eye doctor will be closed tomorrow.) ;) Darling earrings and loooove the pic!

  2. That is a great story of kindness Kathy. I had a similar experience at Chik-Fil-A just before Mother's Day...I was in a hurry and just needed some drinks for myself and the kids and I thought it would be fast to go in...the lady in front of me ordered but didn't have enough money and had to go back out to her car...we parked next to each other so I knew where she kindness, while well meant was not wholly altruistic as I needed to get going so I paid the difference for her so I could order. She was very thankful and I was rewarded with a smile and a "Happy Mother's Day" I'm hoping my children are paying attention to the good in the world and the beauty as evidenced by your photographs and your huge go get your eyes checked!

  3. I love the idea! My friend had her coffee bought for her at the drive-thru of Starbucks from the car that was in front of her. The girl working there said it happens all the time...I want to try it next time I'm there! Cute earrings!


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