Sunday, February 3, 2013

Growing Violets 1.0.1...

So I finally got around to starting a new batch of baby violets today.  I think mama violet [shown above] enjoys watching her babies grow, just as much as I do.
These are the supplies you will need [please ignore the fact that I'm doing this in my you know, I'm from Louisiana and it is just way to cold to go outside]:
1.  A parent violet(s) [most importantly]
2.  African Violet potting mix [I used Miracle-Gro brand]
3.  Small plastic pots [I always save the ones that contain my bedding plants I buy in the Spring].  Just make sure the ones you choose have several good size drainage holes in the bottom.
4.  Plastic fold-over type sandwich bags.
5.  Rubber Bands
6.  Plastic trays [you'll see why at the end of the post]
Fill pots with potting mix, but not all the way to the top. Using scissors, cut several leaves from the parent violet plant(s), making sure you cut leaves that are healthy and have the longest stems [long stems are needed to help the leaves stay in place, once they are put in the potting soil]
Using your finger, or a pencil, poke a hole in the soil and stick the leaf stem as far down as it will go...just until the leaf itself is barely at the surface of the dirt.  If you want to have a mixture of blooms, you can place two leaves in the container from two different parent violets...makes for a pretty little Spring pop of color in your kitchen window, or gift for a special friend.
 After all the leaves are in place, cover each pot with one of the plastic sandwich baggies and secure it with a rubber band.  Make sure the baggie is poofing up over the leaves good, so they'll have plenty of room to breathe.
Place the pots in a well lit spot [not direct sunlight, but close to a bright window is perfect].  You can either place several pots in one long plastic tray [like I have shown] or each pot in it's own little tray.  Either way, be sure to keep water in the trays until your plants start to sprout [usually a month or so].  Sometimes you'll have a leaf that won't produce a plant, but 9 times out of 10, you'll get little baby violets sprouting up in no time!  Good Luck!  I'll keep you posted on the progress of these.  My last batch of babies have already been adopted out!
  I was so excited over the snow we received last night - I just have to share
 and this morning!  
 loved watching it [along with my little bobble heads] from my studio window.  It lasted just long enough for me to enjoy it!  Now it's all gone and I can look forward to the next time it pays us a visit.
 love and peace always ~ Kathy

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