Saturday, March 2, 2013

Peace & Love, Baby!

  Hey Ya'll!!  Long time, no post!  I've just been busy with taxes, a couple of photo shoots and a few hikes.  The weather has been really nice, but today we woke up to two inches of snow!  It melted quick, but now flurries are flying again...Ozzy and Lita are enjoying it so
Huge flakes are starting to fall...heading out with my camera again.  This was what our road looked like from the freezing rain earlier this week.  Gorgeous!
Hope all is well!  I'll be making some new things today, so stay tuned for that and I'll also be having a give away and a discount coupon code next week!  Just in time for the ides of March!

love & peace always ~ Kathy

"A bird flew by
I said "hi"
how luck you are
to live in the sky." ~ Kathy Hardy 03.02.13

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