Friday, April 12, 2013

Birds, Frogs, Flowers & Free Earrings!

Hey ya'll!!!  Hope you have been enjoying this beautiful Spring weather!  We have been suffering from allergies big time around here.  Even Ozzy's been sneezing his head off!  Wayne put up the "Bluebird House" and after two days, a little pair of Chickadees decided they would move in.  So cute!  I can't wait to see the babies!  
 Of course, my drawing last night had to have something to do with that!  You can check out all of my drawings on "Flickr", if you are so inclined.  I promise they will make you smile...
We also have a pair of Piliated Woodpeckers that built a nest way up in the top of a tree by our driveway.  Not sure if they have babies yet, or not.  We'll see.
But, of course, the most exciting thing for me right now are the tadpoles in my frog pond!  They are finally starting to swim around and eat from the top of the water...there are actually way more in there, than I thought.  So cute!  They have a little over a month left, before they will be leaving the pond and heading to wherever they go.  No worries, I'll keep you updated on their progress.
Spring gives me so much inspiration...I made these today, while I was drinking my coffee and listening to the birds singing in the trees outside my window.  I just adore them!  So much so, I'm giving a pair away to one of my lucky blog readers!!  All you have to do is comment on this post [or the link to it on my facebook page] for a chance to win!  Tell me what your favorite thing about Spring is...I would love to hear!  Ozzy will be picking a winner Wednesday [April 17th] ~ Good luck!!  Before I head outside with my camera, I have to share this beautiful clump of Bloodroot Flowers that are blooming in the forest:
They are everywhere!  I've never seen them blooming like this around here...maybe it's a sign of what's to come!  I love scouting for of my favorite things about Spring.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

 "Signs of Spring"
My eyelids opened with the breeze...
blowing gently through the trees.
Birds sing softly, as not to awake...
thankful for each breath I take.
Flowers peeking from the ground...
moving leaves without a sound
Flying insects fill the sky...
the flutter of a butterfly
Green and yellow, red and pink
Spring is finally here...I think
~ Kathy Hardy 04.12.13

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