Monday, June 3, 2013

Frogs, Dogs & Junebugs...

Finally updating my blog...I can't believe it's already June 3rd!  What happened to May?  It sure did zip by, even though my Birthday, Wayne's birthday and Ozzy's was mixed in there somewhere!  So, Happy June!  I'm still loving my art journaling.  I draw in it while watching t.v. at night.  I started making note cards with some of my drawings and selling them on Etsy.  Check them out when you get a chance.
 Yay!!!  The tadpoles finally sprouted little legs!!  I was beginning to think I, perhaps, rescued some shark eggs!  They are so cute!  The pond, however, is so full of pollen, twigs and leaves, it is almost impossible to see into the water.  I have to go out there at a certain time of day, when the sun is shining directly into the water, and then I can catch a glimpse of one or two.  I can't wait until they start hopping around...won't be long now!
So meet "Friday" ~ this little dog was found wandering on a dangerous road and had been on "freecycle" for over a month.  The woman that found him did not have a camera or a computer at home, so she had no way to take photos of him, but was looking for him a forever home.  For some reason, I felt compelled to help!  I went over to her house, took some photos [he smiles for the camera], posted them on my facebook page and within 2 hours, found him a home!  
Such a sweet dog!  I love happy endings [and beginnings]
We're still waiting for the 17 year Cicada to show up!  They say they are coming!  Yikes!!!  In the meantime, I'm giving away a pair of these adorable Cicada earrings!  I love them!  All you have to do to win is comment on this post, or the blog post link on my facebook page.  Lita will be picking a winner Friday.  Good luck!
 last, but not least, I have to share my journal entry for last night...have a wonderful week!

love and peace always ~ Kathy
"I climbed into bed on a cool April day...
...woke up to find it was already May.
Hot summer days will be greeting me soon...
...arose from my pillow and it's already June!"
~ Kathy Hardy 06.03.13

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