Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Webs We Weave....

I wake up each day with my usual routine...turn on the coffee pot, take the dogs out, feed the dogs, wash the dog bowls, fix my first cup of coffee, take my handful of vitamins and supplements and then make my way up to my studio to check "Yahoo"...just to make sure nothing truly detrimental happened over night that may change my day, or my life, or the lives of people I know, or my thinking.  Scrolling through the first several "top stories", I find out what outfit Kim Kardashian wore best, and I see photos of Nikki Sixx's wedding, while he sported a skull bandana and married a girl 1/2 his age, I quickly realize nothing "that important" happened while I slept.  So I scroll down to read my daily horoscope, which is usually spot on [believe it, or not] and then read my emails, check my Etsy shop messages, then mosey over to facebook to see if anything happened there over night that will change my day, my life, the lives of people I know, or my thinking.

This time last week, I found out that a dear, childhood and lifelong friend of mine had lost her father.  I remembered the man well...he took us to all of the high school football games, drove crazy around the curves, just to get a giggle out of us riding in the back of that [seemingly] mile long station wagon.  He smoked a pipe and the house always smelled of sweet pipe tobacco and I loved that smell so much...even today, when I smell a pipe, I immediately think of him.  He had somehow lost 1/2 of his middle finger as a youngster and would put his knuckle right at the base of his nostril, so it would look like 1/2 his finger was up his nose.  He enjoyed doing it, just to freak out kids that had met him for the first time...my friend would get so embarrassed, but it was funny.  We were kids and those are some of my fondest memories.  I loved her family...her brother was quiet and never picked on us, or harassed us...things most brothers would do.  Her sister was quiet and somewhat of an introvert...she longed to be on Broadway, spent hours at the piano, or in front of the television watching "The Sound of Music" over and over again.  My friend and I would pick on her sometimes, but immediately get scolded by her mom, so we would just go up into the attic and smoke cigarettes, or crawl out onto the rooftop with our baby oil and blankets and lay there until the sun had burnt our skin to a crisp, talking about boys and who had a crush on who. 

Her family became "my family"...we spent every day, and almost every night, together for several years.  I went with her family to church, to dinner, to movies, etc., just like an adopted child of theirs.  They were so close, they were what a real family should be.  Their mom was so good, so kind, so giving and caring and trusting.  Her family was her world, her rock, her reason for being...from that, she never deviated.  She was always "there", to cook, to clean, to nurture, to help with homework, to drive us wherever we just had to go that day.  Sometimes I look back and think we may have taken advantage of her, but that's what she lived for, that's just how she was.  I remember her laugh and her smile, I can see it and hear it just like it happened today, right now, but I hadn't seen it or heard it in years.  These little things that get buried in your brain can come flooding back upfront and center at any given moment.

So today, I got up, did my usual routine, clicked on facebook and found out that my friends mom had passed away...11 days after her husband died.  She died in her sleep, one week shy of their 58th wedding anniversary.  She had finished her "job", she had raised her family, she had kept her promise, she had nurtured her husband, in sickness and in health.  She had been a good wife and mother.  She smiled her last smile, she laughed her last laugh, she was ready...her husband was waiting for her, beckoning her in her sleep, so she kept her promise...till death do us part.  Her role on this planet had ended, her life ever after begun, that's what she believed and who am I to say she shouldn't.  She will be missed, but she has wings.  

Just like the spider who spends hours upon hours weaving a web, knowing any moment it will be destroyed forever, but the web must be woven nonetheless...it's the spiders job, it's what she's supposed to do...her "role" in life...a daily routine that never ends, so she never gives up.

Happy Tuesday!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend." ~ Marian Anderson

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