Sunday, April 23, 2023

What do you think about AI technology?


So what do you think about all this AI technology? I thought it was really cool when it first showed up and I use it all the time to edit photographs [like the one above, using Topaz software to create a "painterly" look], but now that it's actually "thinking" for us, I'm not too sure about it. When you can type in "a poem about frogs" and it writes this for you:

"Frogs croak and hop with glee,
 In ponds and streams, they dwell free.
Their skin may be slimy and green, 
But their songs are a joyous scene.

From tadpole to adult they grow, 
In nature's cycle, they flow.
 Their eyes bulge, their legs strong,
 A wonder to behold all along.

Oh, frogs, how you delight, 
In the day and through the night.
 Your presence fills us with peace,
 A reminder of nature's sweet release."

It makes me wonder what we are truly becoming...I spend a lot of time writing poems, writing stories, writing blog posts, etc., so this type of technology has me wondering what, if anything, is left to the imagination? What do you think? [and don't use AI for your answer 🤣]

And Happy Earth Day!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

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