Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Accidental Customer & Returned Mail!!??!!

Eeepp ~ one of my little "Shrunken Ex-Boyfriends" got a round trip ticket! Unfortunately, I can't read the friggin label to determine why he was returned??? It's in Norwegian! The one thing I did determine is that the "o's" in the words Jorgen & Lovlands should have a line through them like this "ø". So, it's actually "Jørgen Løvlands". But I'm thinking surely this is not the reason the package came back, but maybe so. Anyway, I have contacted my little customer to ask her what the label says and to verify her address. I just thought it was interesting and thought I would share with you. So if you ever send anything to Norway, make sure your "o's" have lines through them, if they are supposed to.

And now I've discovered a new marketing strategy, totally by accident! So last week I ordered some of those cute little "MOO" cards from "Flickr", just because they are just so darned cute and lately I can't resist cute stuff. So I'm waiting for them to come in the mail any day now and I get an e-mail from a really sweet Gal who informs me that she had gotten my "MOO" cards in error and was wanting to know if I had gotten hers. Well, I haven't gotten any yet, mine or hers. She offered to send them on to me, which I thought was really, really sweet of her. And, she also took it upon herself to check out my website since she had card in hand. She really loves my stuff and thoroughly enjoyed my "Get Together Song" that I have playing on there by "The Youngbloods". So "Yay" ~ the "MOO" card snafu earned me a new customer and probably a refund. Plus, I'll still get the little cuties after all ~ Thanks "MOO" ~ Maybe your cow jumped over the moon and somebody in your shipping department ran away with the "spoon" {hmmm}

I've been busy making wedding invitations for my step-daughter the last few days, so I've only listed a couple of pairs of earrings that are new. But I'll be on a roll this weekend, so be looking out for some great new things in the shop soon. Now I'm going to watch "or not" the LSU Football Game {1st one of the season} ~ Go Tigers!!! {I hate Football, just don't tell anybody in Louisiana until I move ~ I'll be tarred & feathered}. But before I drag myself to the TV, I have to share this awesome orchid that is blooming right now. Of course, this photo was taken with my new macro lens {which I love, love, love}:

Hope you are having a wonderful week and are doing something fun this Labor Day Weekend! So until we meet again, Adios, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen 'til then.

xxoo & peace ~ Kathy

"The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy"
~ Anonymous


  1. I'll remeber the difference between o and o with a slash through it if I send stuff to Norway
    thanks fkor the tip

  2. Hmmm. Interesting that it might have gotten returned because of the little slashes. Geez.

    I love my Moo cards. I'm about out now and will have to get some more. Bummer you have been having such luck like that. I'm sure it is the position of the moon and sun that is causing the temporary problems (hehe!). Who knows?

    Beautiful orchid. Gosh, it's just stunning.

  3. I lucked out with the Moo cards! The person that got them mailed them to me, plus Moo is reprinted them and mailing them to me, plus since they screwed up, they refunded my money! So, I get 200 Moo cards "Free" ~ awesome! It's amazing how bad luck can turn good :0)

  4. I love my moo cards! I used jewelry pictures and personal pictures. I think I love them too much though. I have a hard time parting with them. :/


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