Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I'm still here ~ but I'm freaked out!!!!

Ok, so all of you who know me well, know that dolls freak me out, right! So anyway, I'm just poking along on Etsy looking at new listings, etc. when all of a sudden I see this {picture to right} and I just about freak out. I mean, this is horrible {nothing against the person selling the stuff, I totally understand people that make dolls would love to have it} ~ So I immediately start thinking about Jeffrey Dahmer and others that cut people up and then I had a hard time going to sleep and had terrible nightmares. Eeekkkkk....

Anyway, just thought I would share this little tidbit with all of you. I did go to the dentist yesterday, so I have fresh x-rays of my teeth
in case any of these dolls come to life and kill me I can be identified, unless all they find are my legs, like that poor little doll in the photo. And she still has her shoes on ~ so sad... But, the good news is ~ 47 years with "Zero" cavities!!! I don't think the dentist likes me that much. He always fusses about my tartar and the fact that I don't floss enough, but he says I have great teeth and at this point I probably will never have any cavities. I told him that it was probably all that tartar keeping them safe. He just rolled his eyes.

So I've been busy today making new things for the shop. Here's one of the necklaces I made with some awesome little pendants that I got from "MadisonCraftStudio" ~ they are really neat. I named this little gem "Keep on Rockin In The Free World" ~ so I'll leave you with that and hope you are having a wonderful week. I'll be back Friday with some great new stuff to talk about that I bought on Etsy.....100% awesomeness, guaranteed!

xxoo & peace ~ Kathy

"Alas, regardless of their doom, The little victims play!
No sense have they of ills to come, Nor cares beyond today."
~ Thomas Gray {1716-1771}


  1. such a funny blog... i laughed out loud! the dolls ARE creepy. sorry about your nightmares. 47 years and no cavities! THAT is amazing!! I have cavities in all my teeth except the front top 4 and front bottom 4~ bad teeth. I floss all the time now, especially since i'm spending a bazillion dollars on the braces:O) LOVE the new necklace.. i'll have to check out your etsy shop after posting this... well, thanks for making me laugh today~

  2. Funny about the tartar protection idea. HA!! Flossing is for the birds.
    That is a beautiful new necklace. I had never seen MadisonCraftStudio before....what a bunch of neat pendants! Thanks for sharing the link. :)

  3. Saw the teeth on Flickr and said "What the...?" Had to come and read about it! Good for you!

    I don't much like dolls either. That picture is freaky. But I did have dolls when I was a kid. Barbies anyway. I mostly had Breyer horses that I would gallop around in the yard on my hands and knees. Not much into dolls though.

    I agree with the others--you're funny!

  4. Thank you Ginger! I keep forgetting about those dolls until I open my blog page and then I freak myself out all over again. I'm blogging about the lazy squirrel tomorrow, so at least I'll have something come up that makes me smile :0)


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