Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Must Love Dogs.....

Well, after 14 hours we are finally at our house in North Carolina! Ozzy rode with me and Lita rode with Wayne. Here he is being a good boy in the backseat of the car. He made sure he kept his feet up on the middle arm rest the whole time, so I wouldn't forget he was back there. Of course, Lita rode with her head in Wayne's lap the whole way. It wasn't a bad trip at all. We broke it up this time and stayed the night in Birmingham and then drove in the next morning. We will be back in LA on Sunday and then back up here for good the last week of October sometime.

The dogs did pretty good in the hotel. We had some young guys staying next to us and stayed up all night and kept going in and out to smoke. Of course, the big protector Lita would bark every time. She finally got used to it after a while and we turned on the TV and cranked up the AC to make background noise. All in all, what little rest we actually got was worth it.

As you can see, I have my internet & phone all hooked up @ the new house. It sure is nice being able to sit here and drink my coffee and type in my blog.

I hope you are all doing well & having a good week! I'll be back soon to post some more pics from our trip. Love & peace always ~ Kathy


  1. I'm so envious! I bet it's lovely there right now.... hmmm.... roadtrip in the spring?
    Love ya! See you on the 19th.

  2. I bet the dogs had just as much fun at the house as you guys did! And I'm sure the mountains are pretty there right about now. I'll be going to my mom's in 2 weeks. It will probably be past peak color when we go though.


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