Sunday, October 14, 2007

"Old" Plant Sale = "New" Shoes!!!

I was so sad this weekend. I had to sell all of my tropical plants, since they would not make it in North Carolina. The "Sale" was Friday and Today. I have a few left, but I think my Mom and Sister will probably take them, if my neighbor don't. At least I feel like most all of them went to good homes and will be taken care of and nurtured. I could never sell puppies, Never! I got all teary eyed every time one of my "babies" drove away ~ especially my cactus that I've had for about 20 years and my "Mother in law tongue" that I've had about 25. It was agonizing, to say the least. But, on the bright side, I made about $300 and what better thing to buy with that {not all of it, certainly}, but a new pair of shoes! That was the ONLY way I could justify what I had done. Beside, I can't wear slingbacks and flip flops during the winter in NC, like I do here in LA. I must have something to keep the little lizard warm and these cover his ass perfect ~ don't ya think!

Hope you are all doing wonderfully and I'll be back in a few days. We are going to dinner tonight @ my most favorite seafood restaurant {one of the things I'll miss most about Louisiana}, since we won't be eating there for awhile. And Chris {you know who you are}, if you are reading this, yes, it's "Mike Anderson's". I'll think of you with every single bite of "Shrimp Norman". I actually thought of you last night and was laughing so hard! Did you see "SNL"??? Jon Bon was the host and he came "alive" out of his "life size poster", just like the one I hung up in your room eons ago. He still looks just as "hot", too ~ hee hee. Have a wonderful evening, all of my little peeps ~
xx00 & peace always ~ Kathy


  1. Your new shoes are sooooo cute!!! I didn't know about your plant sale, which is just as well since I have a tendency to *kill* plants. I'm getting better, but they've got to be fighters! No dainty, fragile plants for me to neglect & abuse. I'm gonna miss you & Wayne! See you on Friday.

  2. Thanks, Kaye!!! I can't wait to see everybody on Friday ~ such fun!!!!

  3. OMG.... i missed JOHN BON JOVI...ok i'm crying... he is the sexiest man EVER!!! and he seems so nice too, which makes him even hotter!! ok, sorry! hopefully i'll catch the rerun of SNL.

    i can't believe you've had plants that long! wow! love the shoes....


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