Thursday, February 28, 2008


tran·quil·li·ty or tran·quil·i·ty (tr²ng-kw¹l“¹-t, tr²n-) n. The quality or state of being tranquil; serenity.

After an all day, night & morning of marathon jewelry making, I decided to treat myself to a "Spa Hour" {my own Spa, of course}. Last week I splurged and bought this amazing Facial Mask from "Pangea Organics". I usually never spend that kind of money on beauty products for myself, but I figured if Beyonce' is "worth it", then by golly so am I. After a super long bubble bath, I used this stuff on my face:

To say that my face is softer than a baby's butt would not be an exaggeration. Of course, I have to admit that the stuff looks like something that came out of a baby's diaper, but it smells & feels wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anybody feeling the need to distress. And, on top of being an amazing product, the box is made out of 100% post-consumer newsprint, without glues or dyes and is embedded with herb seeds! You can soak the box in water and then plant it in your garden. The herbs that come up are some of the same ones used in the products. Isn't that amazing! I'm really trying hard to be more "green" these days and eat all organic & natural foods ~ it's just good for you and "you're worth it"!!

Speaking of tranquility, I just couldn't pass up this awesome little pendant from "BeeDazzlesGifts". It's called "Tranquility" and I can't wait to make something with it ~ it's just gorgeous. Please do check out this shop, you'll be glad you did:

We took another 8 mile hike on Monday and once again, I felt rejuvenated & energized. It wasn't quite as strenuous as the hike last week, even though it was almost twice as long. It was a beautiful day and we had a great little picnic lunch, too. So I'll leave you with this picture from our hike & hope you have a wonderful weekend & a Happy March!

Xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"Be able to be alone. Lose not the advantage of solitude, and society of thyself." – Sir Thomas Browne


  1. I gotta say..I love the idea of buying a product where you can plant the freakin' packaging! That's AWESOME!

    And I'm all about a 5 mile hike :) WHOOHOOO~~! I'll just have to remember NOT to book any gigs for the next day :) MWAH - miss you guys...I love that we can "keep up" this way. ~C

  2. Yayyy! How fun seeing a Tranquility Pendant featured here!! Your blog ROCKS!!


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