Saturday, June 7, 2008

Computers Suck!!! {at least not knowing how to fix them, that is}

Shroomies from my yard J

Hello everybody! You’re probably wondering what the heck happened to me! Well, my computer {PC} decided that it was tired of working. So, after spending three days trying to fix it myself, I finally took it to the repair man today. I hope there is “hope” for it. He seems to think so, since it will still boot up at least. So, I’m using my trusty & rusty laptop, which seems so small and compact compared to my monstrosity of a PC. At least I have a brand new hard drive {300 gig, which should last me the rest of my life}, so I’ll let Mr. Computer man build me a new machine with it and keep my old “box”. My Mom {sweetheart that she is} is sending me a 19 inch flat screen monitor that came with her new computer. I guess she decided {or my step-dad did} that she needed more like a 30 inch flat screen! So all in all, I should be having a *new* computer this time next week! *Yay* - Unfortunately I don’t have “Office Enterprise” on this laptop, so I can’t type my blog posts with it, which is just sooooooo much easier. I’m typing this with Microsoft Office 2003 and then I’m going to save it as an HTML file and then copy and paste to my blog post! Wow, sounds like a lot of *steps*, but I’m used to it as of lately.

This is a new necklace I made today, once I gave up on trying to fix my computer myself. It’s made with one of Susan’s Washi Paper Metal Dog Tag pendants and it’s just awesome. Of course, you know where to find it, if you want to see it closer.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I’m still alive and well. I hope you are all having a super weekend! I’ll be back soon.

Xxoo ~ Kathy

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