Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Things This Week!!!

Wow! This has been a great week, despite the fact that my PayPal account was wiped out. It's all been restored now, though and just in time to buy up these awesome glass goodies from "Luigi Cattelan", who is here doing a trunk show from Murano, Italy. I can't wait to get started working on things when I get back from my vacation with these:
Whatever I make with them, I can tell you right now, will be hard to part with. He had so many wonderful things, that I had a hard time picking these out. So, I'm giving you a "jump start" on picking your favorites, of which I'm sure they'll be many.

So, after the Murano glass trunk show, we went over to "The Duck Pond" for live music from our dear friends Jerry & Suzanne {The Moon Shine Babies},
who were opening for "Grayson Capps"
And it was amazing! Right to the left of this post, you can see a little tid=bit of some of his music. Of course, he also has a MySpace, so you can check him out there, too. He wrote & sang several songs for the movie "Love Song For Bobby Long", including the title track, which starred John Travolta & Scarlett Johansson. And, he's from New Orleans!!! Can you believe that I moved all the way from Louisiana to North Carolina to hear an amazing New Orleans band! Hurricane Katrina also forced him to move to Nashville. He did write a great song about New Orleans, so please check it out. But, the best part of the night was the fact that my two favorite guys were there:
And then when I went to bring leftovers down to the farm, I was greeted by this little gal:
...and she is as sweet as pie! And lastly, I *guess* I'm happy about these:Mung beans & brown rice with cream of mushroom soup! It wasn't *that bad*, but I'm anxious to see how fast the toxins leave my body :) I'll keep you posted on that outcome! I'm actully just trying them today, since we are heading out on our vacation this Sunday. So, I'll have to wait until we return to really get started on the Mung bean *kick*.

So tonight is the 4th Friday Gallery walk & Live after 5 street party/concert. I'll blog about it tomorrow and let you know how fun it was. In the meantime, Happy Friday!!! Count your blessings and may they always be many :)

xxoo & peace always ~ Kathy

"He that can have patience can have what he will" ~ Benjamin Franklin


  1. I'm kinda grinnin' to myself thinking of you eating all that 'healthy' junk :)

    S'okay...I had an Athenean beer for y'all last Friday :)

    I'm off to check out your New Orleanian transplant...have a GREAT WEEKEND!!! Hugs to the man for me.

  2. hee hee ~ Yes, I ate Mung beans & brown rice for "brunch" but then I just polished off 1/2 bag of cheetos while waiting for my pictures to copy over to an external hard-drive so I can show em to Wayne's Mom and my lap-top is just about maxed out on space! Yee ha!! Awe man, I wish I had an Athenean, or at least one I was sharing with you. Tell Shelly hello & give him hugs for us :)

  3. I'm so glad paypal restored your money!


  4. I'm so glad you're getting everything, and I mean, everything worked out! lol
    I have my eye on a few of those murano glass beads...can't wait to see what you make.
    Safe travels and tip your hat to Paul Revere if you see him.

  5. Hee hee ~ maybe I'll see the "headless horseman". These glass pendants totally rock! I mean, they are really, really awesome :)

  6. Those beads are GOR-geous!!! I know you'll make beautiful things with them.

  7. Love the glass beads, can't wait to see what you create. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  8. I'll be home tomorrow night *yay*


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