Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Circle Of Life....

You never realize how some "skills" do actually carry you through life. My favorite classes in High School were "Typing", "English" and "Business Math". Now that I look back, I guess that was a good thing! When I was a Junior in High School I started working for "Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company" in Baton Rouge. I was 16 years old! It was my very first "real job" and I was the "Assistant File Clerk" {that just sounds so freakin important when you say it out loud}. Anyway, that "first job" lasted 20 years! Yes, 20 years!!! When I left I was in the "Policyowners' Service Department" and was in charge of all Annuities, policy loans & historical tracing, which involved payments, withdrawals, correspondence, tax forms, etc. One of the main things was correspondence. Of course, way back eons ago we didn't have computers yet! We had a couple of secretaries and they would type up all of the letters that we dictated through our little dictation machines. It was really time consuming, now that I think about it! Having to dictate all of those letters! And I always had those certain things that I would just put off until the last possible minute and then the opening line of that letter {when I finally got a round to sucking it up and calculating years and years and pages and pages of numbers} would be "We regret the delay in replying to your recent inquiry. Your file was mislaid and has just once again come to our attention" I've told myself that if I ever get a letter from somebody that had that line in it I would call & complain. But after a few years on the dictation machine, computers came along and that's when I really "honed" my skills! I type more that 100 wpm accurately! The letters on my keyboard are nearly non-existent, as I've worn them off over the years. When I have visitors and they use my computer to check e-mails, etc., the first thing they say are "what happended to all the letters on your keyboard". So here's to those "favorite high school subjects" ~ They REALLY do MATTER! And those "first jobs" ~ you never know what you may learn that will carry you through life.So this week's give away are these awesome little earrings that are named "Will It Go Round In Circles", because yes my dears, it will! And all you have to do to win them is comment on this post! I'll announce the winner on Monday {February 16th}. Good luck!!!

Happy Wednesday!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Memories, important yesterdays, were once todays. Treasure and notice today." ~ Gloria Gaither


  1. Those earrings are beautiful! Anita

  2. So pretty Kathy.

    I remember my first job quite well. It was when I was in college and I worked in the record store on the strip in Knoxville jsut off campus. The 1982 World's Fair came to town and what a blast that was!!! I met people from all over the world. I remember one guy in particular. He came into the store and browsed around. Kept coming up to ask me to play different cuts from Journey's new album at the time. He was from France! He was very nice, spoke very good English and flirted with me. The next day he came back and asked me out! So I went! We had a great time. As a going away present he gave me his little orange Nintendo Donkey Kong game which I still have to this day and it still works. It was also a clock (it was the very latest thing at the time). I remember his name too. And if I ever get to France, I'm going to look him up!! :)

  3. I was just telling someone the other day that typing is one of the greatest skills to have...learning on an IBM Selectric from my teacher Mr. Fogel. Love it.

  4. My life has been so full of odd jobs. I just try to do my best at whatever opportunities come my way. In high school I took typing, but I really sucked at it. But I sure learned quickly when I was working as a secretary in a fast-paced law firm--if I didn't type fast and accurately then I had angry lawyers and I had to stay late to get all of my work done.

    Of course nowadays kids learn to type at such a young age--using the computer for everything. It is probably not even anything they consciously 'learn' in school.

    PS: I agree with Anita that those earrings and just gorgeous. :)

  5. Awe ~ I love learning all of these things about ya'll! Thank you so much for sharing ~ it makes me smile :) And Ginger, I want to go to France with you when you go ~ since it sounds like you may need a chaperone {clears throat}


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