Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My MP3 Player Is Finally Working Again!!!

And this is the little case I got for it about a year ago from "Tinymeat". Of course, he used one of Emily Martin's paintings for the image :) I love it!!! I've been fighting with my MP3 player for three days now and I finally got it working again. I purchased a "Samsung YH-820", instead of an I-Pod a couple of years ago, just because it was a little cheaper & I was feeling like all of the "Apple" stuff was getting crammed down my throat. According to the instructions with my MP3 player, "Napster" was the only music program compatible with the player. That was fine, in the Napster charges $14.95/month just to use their software and copy songs to the MP3 player. Needless to say, I'm not about to "pay" to put songs on my MP3 player using CD's that I already own! So, long story short, I finally found some information late yesterday that said "Real Player" could be used. After I download that software, everything started working great and I actually like "Real Player" much better than the other music players, anyway ~ so there! Now I can listen to all of my 60's music incognito, while I reminisce :)And now that my music is all nice & fresh on my little player, these earrings will be the give away for next Monday {February 23rd}. Of course, all you have to do to win them is comment on this post! Please be sure and check back to see if you won.

Also, starting next Monday {February 23rd}, I'll have a great "Mardi Gras" discount available for the whole week! "Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulet" {Let The Good Times Roll} ~

Happy Wednesday!!!
♥ & peace ~ Kathy

"May your hours of reminiscence be filled with days of good cheer & weeks of pleasant memories" ~ unknown


  1. Glad you can listen to your tunes. I love my new Ipod Touch...16GB. It can hold 7000 songs, movies, pictures and play games. It my Christmas present to myself.
    I hate being without music. I love those earrings; my favorite color!
    We're off to Mt. View, AR tomorrow; Clancy is running his annual 50K. Check out Blanchard Springs Caverns...really cool cave system.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. The earrings are beautiful and I'm looking forward to the Mardi Gras party special next week.

    I don't think you should enter me for the earrings this time as I just won the gorgeous circles from last week. thanks!


  3. Hey Jen! I love Mt. View! Go sit in that giant rocking chair on Main St. & take a picture to send me :)

    And Anita ~ I still need your address. Please send me an e-mail: ~ And, of course you qualify to win some more earrings ~ a girl can never have enough of my jewelry - just ask Jen :)

  4. Hey Kathy!

    I have been checking out your blog and your website, you make beautiful jewelry and pictures. It looks like you live in a magnificent place! I am so glad for you.
    Skip and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary yesterday! I been married longer than not..

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Hey Sandy!! Happy Anniversary! Gosh, 27 years!!! I hope I can make it that long :) Thanks for the sweet comments. ♥

  6. I didn't get to the rocking chair, but did see lots of gorgeous country and watched my hubby finish the Sylamore Trail 50K in a personal best time of 6 hours 35 minutes.
    Oh and you really cannot ever have too much jewelry...especially if it's from Kathy!


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