Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Flowers, Mushrooms & Bats!!!

ahhhh......we spent the afternoon at "The North Carolina Arboretum" ~ it was awesome! Although most of the flowers haven't started blooming yet {besides the tulips & daffodils}, everything was all budded out and getting ready to pop open. And, they have an awesome Bat exhibit there right now:I love this!
Since I do live in "Transylvania County" I had to sport my precious little "Bat necklace" that I bought a long time ago on Etsy. Don't I look cute in front of all those Bonsai trees!But this was my most favorite thing!!! And it was growing wild amongst the "Hens & Chickens". I love all the little shroomies that pop up all over the place after a good rain.

Well, I haven't done my "Art Box" yet, but I am going to do it tomorrow. I had to really think about how to display my things in a small crate. I think I have it all figured out now though, so I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Gotta run for now and see how many games of Wii Bowling we can squeeze in before American Idol comes on. Before I go though, I have to congratulate lucky #1 {Emily}!!!! Yay!!! She is the winner of the "My Boyfriend's Back" bracelet from last week's post! And Emily, please send me an e-mail with your address, so I can have him on his way to you :)

Happy Wednesday!!! ♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Scatter seeds of kindness everywhere you go; Scatter bits of courtesy ~ watch them grow and grow. Gather buds of friendship; keep them till full-blown; You will find more happiness than you have ever known." ~ Amy R. Raabe

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  1. That cute little mushroom is a morel and very good's about time to morel hunt out here. Look on the north side of ash trees.
    Always leave one to spread the spores.
    Don't you just love Spring?


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