Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cherries, Snakes & Trees ~ oh my!!!

Hey everybody!!! I had an emergency website to design, so I've been wrapped up with that the last couple of days. And then, something is going on in my neck & shoulder that has my left arm numb & fingers tingling. I went and got that worked on today, so hopefully {fingers crossed} that's on the mend.

Did you know that trees don't need roots to grow? Last Spring Wayne cut down several little trees here and there that were just in the wrong spots. He cut the branches up into small enough pieces for the wood stove. So yesterday I was out looking for Henry and look what I found in the wood pile:A brand new little tree growing out of a piece of limb! Isn't it the craziest thing! It has a new place now, right out in the garden amongst the strawberry plants. And the cherry tree is loaded down! It's fun to watch the birds get up in the tree and shake the cherries loose and then little Mr. Chipmunk is waiting on the ground to grab them and run off before the birds can fly down to get them. I can only imagine how exciting it must be for the little animals that get "special treats" only now and then. I enjoy watching them eat the fruits, more than I do eating them myself. I did eat a couple of cherries today though, right off the tree! They were nice and cool because of the rain water ~:)And look who I found today!!!!!Yep, Henry! He was hanging out by the garage trying to stay dry. We've had so much rain lately! But I'm not complaining just yet, since we've needed it for so long. In fact, it's raining right now!

Well, I gotta run for now and figure out what's for dinner, but before I go, I have to congratulate Jen!!! She won the earrings from my last post!!! Be sure & check back tomorrow, when I'll be posting the next give away and it's going to be something brand new in the shop!!!
Whoo hoo ~ I promise you'll love it!!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"There's always something for which to be thankful." ~ Charles Dickens


  1. I was wondering where you were. I'm so sorry to hear about you neck and shoulder; I live with that every day so I can sympathize. What did you do for it?
    That branch looks like a Sycamore??
    Love the cherry tree. I grew up in Michigan and my Uncle had the largest cherry orchard in Western MI. I can remember sitting in the sweet cherry trees with my cousins and eating cherries, yummm.
    I still need a Henry. I may have one and just don't know it.
    Yea for me!!! I've had such a hard week and this just makes my day! Thanks Kathy.

  2. I went to someone that does "Cocreative Physical Therapy". She has you lay on your back and then presses on different areas of your body. It was really different, but she told me that I needed to get an adjustment from a Chiropractor and then I have to go back to her for some "electro" muscle work. Blah, de blah, I just hope it works! I couldn't even go to my exercise class today because of the pain I was in. I had like 3 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. It sucks! I'm glad you won the earrings. Ozzy really likes your name ~ he always picks you :)

  3. Kathy:
    Have you ever tried yoga? I get nasty shoulder and neck pain due to an ongoing health issue. When it's awful I do lots of gentle yoga stretching and self-massage (and a generous rub with arnica oil, which is magic stuff).

    Good luck! Oh, and the swingy crystal earrings look perfect with my new haircut, btw! :)

  4. Kathy, you and I are kindred spirits. I have had so little sleep this week due to pain. The cumulative effect of lack of sleep is pretty nasty. I've been cranky, tired, sore...I think I'll be heading back to my acupuncturist. He really helped me in 07 when I could barely walk from the pain. I don't go to chiropractors addition to all the other things wrong with my back I have arthritis in my c spine and I have to be extra careful with manipulations...I've never liked having my neck cracks enough on its own.
    I love doing yoga, and wish it would be my miracle cure, but dang it, I just cannot get into some of the basic positions cause it just hurts too much.
    Ozzy could be one of those dogs that can sniff out pain and disease. Give him an extra hug and kibble from me.

  5. We do some yoga in my exercise class, but this thing that's going on now needs "manipulation" according my my PT yesterday. She suggested the adjustment because my neck & shoulder are so tight she couldn't really dig in. Her partner's husband is an acupuncturist, so I may end up going to see him if all else fails. Thanks for the well wishes!! Wayne rubbed arnica gel & organic peppermint oil on my back last night before we went to bed and I slept like a baby. That stuff is magic, Jana!!!! I need some more rubbed on now :)

  6. Wondered where you went to! Glad you didn't get swallowed by that snake ~ he scares the living daylights out of me!! Sorry to hear about the pain and numbness ~ no fun there!


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