Thursday, May 21, 2009

"American" Idol...whatever

I guess I was wrong about "American Idol" ~ I thought it was about the person with the "most" talent, not the person that "mostly" conformed to what "most" people perceive as an "American" Idol. So, as soon as I think this country is finally starting to step ahead toward equality, it takes two steps back. And not to belittle Kris Allen, he is crazy talented, too. Congratulations, Kris! But wow, what a show!!!! And speaking of "winners" ~ Lucky #2 {Jana} won the earrings from last week's post! Congratulations, Jana! And lucky for you, America didn't have to vote, or no telling who would have won :)And these awesome earrings "Horizon" are the give aways for next Wednesday! All you have to do to win them is comment on THIS blog post. Lita will be picking the lucky winner. Good Luck! And speaking of luck! Henry came back!!!!Henry is a giant rat snake that lives under my front steps. We thought he had gone away forever, since we haven't seen him in almost a year. And he came back just in the nick of time! The moles are having a field day in my gardens, so now Henry can, hopefully, take care of that problem, but he may need to invite friends. I never thought I would be "happy" about having a snake living under my steps, but when you see the damage moles can do, you welcome the snakes. Now I'm off to water plants ~ look what I found today:tiny little fuzzy peaches ~ and the tree is loaded with them :)

Happy Thrusday!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" ~Ernest Gaines


  1. If Adam only knew how you cheered him're his #1 fan!
    I love the Horizon earrings...gorgeous! I just cleaned my closet today and labeled all my Dornick boxes...I'm hoping Clancy never counts just how many brown and silver boxes I have.
    Send Henry my way...I think I have a mole in my garden. Crafty little creepy dudes.
    Good luck with the peaches...the raccoons usually get the ones here.

  2. Well, I don't know about that, Jen! I think my Sister is his #1 fan and then me. I love those earrings, too! Just tell Clancy you "won" everything on my blog, but don't let him talk you into going to Vegas ~ I'll vouch for you. I know, the chipmunks are really cute, but then the moles showed up {yuck} ~ I would rather have mice. Anyway, we'll see what happens with the peaches. They are up by the road and I think they get picked off by the neighbors more than anything else ;)

  3. I honestly think Adam will be better off in the long run for not having won AI. The contractual obligations for the winners can really hamper a free spirit like Adam.

    It's funny but I've never watched an entire AI episode, but I always end up knowing who all of the kids are. I think it is because I have a long commute and the radio show I listen to gives a recap with clips of their performances.

    I hope that your tree yields some delicious peaches and you can have some homemade cobbler and ice cream some evening soon :)

  4. The rat snake.... I just hope he doesn't startle the unaware! LOL

    Wee green peaches.... Yummy! in a few weeks, eh?!

  5. You're right, Melanie! The only ones that have ever really turned into superstars from actually "winning" are Carrie Underwood & Kelly Clarkson. It was a great season, though! All of the kids this year were really talented. And thanks for making me hungry! And Beth Ann, I'm sure he'll end up startling the pee out of me eventually. He was all stretched out across the steps this morning ~ he must be at least six feet long ~ when we both get braver I'll get some close up shots of him :)

  6. Wow, I'm usually a cheerleader for snakes and spiders and their role in the circle of life but honestly if I saw that peeking out from under my feet, I'd squeal like a little girl! Glad to hear you're not having that reaction and welcoming that little guy (or girl) to your yard. Go rat snake, go!
    p.s. my husband is a big Adam fan too, was sure he was going to win. Ah c'est la vie...

  7. Henry probably had found someplace chillier to hang out until the weather started to warm up. I'm sure he doesn't startle anyone on purpose at all.

    I used to go horseback riding during the summers at a farm that had a peach grove. It would dbe cool to ride through a grove again in mid-summer and share a peach right off the tree with the horse.

  8. i have mice under my kitchen sink, i could use your snake...if i wasn't petrified of snakes!

    happy holiday.

  9. I too was shocked that Adam did not win!

    YIKES ~ I think I would have a coronary if I came across a snake like that!! However I do know the damage moles can do . . .

    The Ernest Gaines quote is perfect ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. I agree that Adam will be probably be better off. Kris is more mainstream, and very cute; I'm sure the little girl vote pushed him over the edge.

    Henry is my four-year-old son's name! Nothin' like a good snake to keep the vermin down. We had a black racer that lived out near the barn. I named him "Dude", because if he didn't hear you coming (not sure how you 'neak up on a 'nake), he would run smack into the barn and whack his head - yes, EVERY time! Dude!

    One of my favorite pairs of your earrings, BTW - they'd look great with "Balls to the Walls!"

  11. I need a ratsnake like yours to keep the gophers at bay--but I have yet to see any snakes around here (maybe that's a good thing since the only ones I ever hear about are rattlers??)

    I am so thrilled about those earrings! Do I need to send my address or do you still have it from etsy??

    PS: I have baby peaches, too! Hope the squirrels won't take them all again this year!

  12. Thanks ya'll! And yes, Jana, I still have your address, so your earrings should be arriving any day now ~ Happy Birthday, by the way! And "DUDE" ~ what a silly snake! Maybe he's deaf & blind. We named ours Henry just because he needed and name and Henry seemed fitting for him :)

  13. Snakes are perfect for a garden they keep pests out that will eat your fuzzy peaches. I have some tomato plants and the squirrels always get my tomatoes just before they are ready to pick. So Yay for Henry! Go do your job man!

  14. Kathy, I LOVE these earrings. I've been wearing my "will it go round in circles" earrings basically everyday since I've had them....agreed, Adam was my personal fave....I think he'd like a pair of your earrings too :). I love the individuality and meaning behind each and every one of your pieces. You are so creative and I only wish I owned more of your jewelry. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!



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