Thursday, September 3, 2009

Call to all Bead Lovers & A Sale!!

Hey everybody!! I hope you are all enjoying these last few days of Summer! Gosh, it feels like Autumn here already! Cool crisp air, chirping birds ~ beautiful skies!!! Life is good!! Unfortunately, life is not good for everybody. Now, please don't think I'm going and getting all "sappy" on everybody. It's just all that "Karma" stuff and I truly believe in "an eye for an eye" and "no good deed goes unnoticed". Anyway, my dear friend Katie posted this link on Twitter today and it's actually a forum post from Etsy. I'll let you read the post for yourself here: ~ now, here is a link to the little girl's website and under the "September 1st" post is the address of where you can send beads & beading supplies. I packed up a big box of stuff this morning to send. What a great way to end the week! It made me feel so good packing up that stuff. I hope you can look through your beads, or even old jewelry you no longer wear, and send something off to this little girl. What a great birthday we could make for her & her friends. So, "thank you" in advance everybody!!These are my new favorite earrings! I named them "Turning Leaves" ~ they are for sale in the shop, along with several other new things. And, I'm having a weekend long "Labor Day" sale! Starting tomorrow morning {09/04} all purchases made through midnight Monday {09/07} will be 20% off ! Just wait for me to send you an updated PayPal invoice. No worries if you accidentally pay though, I'll promptly refund the difference through PayPal. Please let me know if you have any questions. It's not to early to start holiday shopping!!

and I just have to share this photo! We have gotten so much rain the last few weeks that the mushrooms are literally "everywhere" ~ I have this cute little toad in my moss garden and he looks like he's certainly enjoying all the little mushrooms popping up all around him ~ it's just to darned cute!

Well, I'm off to the post office and then coming back home to lock myself in the studio all weekend and make lots and lots of new things!!! I'm getting ready for the "Mountain Song Festival" next weekend that has already sold out!!! Lots of people will be there, milling around, enjoying music and, hopefully, buying jewelry!

Have a wonderful long weekend everybody!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

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"Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile." ~ Wilfred T. Greenfell


  1. gorgeous new earrings - totally cool little toad - thanks for writing - I enjoy keeping up with you!!

  2. Oh man! That thread broke my heart! I got beads packed and ready to ship.

  3. awe ~ thanks Chris!! And Katie, I felt the same way. I sent a big box of stuff out today. :)


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