Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Autumn!!

Wow! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here!!! We are getting ready to head over to "Gorges State Park" for the afternoon. We went on a hike yesterday in Dupont Forest. Saw two snakes ~ made friends with one ~ avoided the Copperhead & life is good!So thanks to my friend Sandy, I'm totally hooked on my photography again. How do you like my pictures! The one at the top is Wayne & the dogs and I turned them into an oil painting ~ then I used several textures and layers on my little friendly snake ~ thanks to "Topaz" software plug-ins for PhotoShop! I love it!

So congratulations to Anita!!! She won those gorgeous earrings from my last post! Check back tomorrow to see what's up for grabs next Monday!

I'm headed to the forest again! Have a great day!!!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." ~ John Muir


  1. Looks so wonderful . . . except for the snakes! Not a fan of those. Be careful!

  2. scary! Here's a pretty fall image from one of my recent rambles on Cape Cod:

  3. it's the first real "fall" feeling day here in Baton Rouge! The pictures are great! :)

  4. oh, yay! thank you!!

    love the snake pic but not sure if i would get that cozy with even a friendly snake.

  5. Thanks ya'll!!! We saw 3 more snakes on our hike today! The poor little guys get such a bad rap. You know, only 10% of them are dangerous {and that's world wide}. But think about how dangerous Man is to all critters. Could you imagine being a harmless little snake, just looking at that camera lens out of curiosity and then "whack" somebody cuts your head off, just because they don't like you ~ just makes you think!! I Love the critters, love the fall!! Now I'm off to check out Jana's pictures. Check back tomorrow!! Ya'll are the best!!! ♥ ~ Kathy

  6. Our weather is great here too. Fall is my favorite time of year. I was told by a teacher at my son's school that right now the snakes are heading for their hibernation spots and are pretty feisty. I'm with you though Kathy, humans are almost parasitic to the planet and the critters...if it's poisonous and in our yard, it's toast, but anywhere else, I'm in it's territory and it's up to me to look out.
    Wish I could see a bear...they're here, just shy I guess.
    I love the program to change the photos to oil paintings...so cool!


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