Friday, October 9, 2009

Come Grow Old With Me....

...the best is yet to be! And you know what they say about an "ounce of prevention" ~ it's "worth a pound of cure." So Wayne and I both got our flu shots this week and will probably get the "H1N1" vaccine when it's available. You know, I've been getting the flu shot for years now and I think it even helps me not have as many colds, as well. So if you haven't yet already, get your flu shot!!! Stay well & stay happy :)

So today Wayne went in for his very first "colonoscopy" ~ it was just a preventative procedure, one his Doctor recommended for someone his age. And am I ever so glad he went! They did find a couple of polyps, one that the Doctor said was "pre-cancerous", but he was able to remove all of it. The Dr. said if Wayne would have waited a couple more years, he would have probably required surgery and, by then, the polyp could have been cancer, which would have been so much worse. So Yay!!!!!! Here's to preventative health! And just look how happy Wayne looks in his little purple gown:and it even came with matching socks:And the gown had a little hole in it, so you could insert a hose for heat! Can you believe that!What a day! So now we're back home ~ Wayne is resting and I'm getting ready for my show tomorrow in Cashiers. If you live close by, please come see me!!!!

Be sure to check back Monday, when I'll have something awesome to give away!!!
Have a great weekend everybody!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"There's always a lot to be thankful for if you take time to look for it. For example, I am sitting here thinking how nice it is that wrinkles don't hurt." -- Author Unknown


  1. John would KILL me if I posted pictures like that on the web!
    I'm glad Wayne's going to be OK. John went for the test a couple of years ago and was fine. A friend of ours died from that cancer. :(

  2. ha! Wayne will probably kill me too!! Fortunately, he don't read my blog and don't know anybody that does {I don't think!!!} He's a good sport, so he probably won't care anyway. He thinks my whole "blog thing" is silly :) I'm glad John was okay ~ early detection is the key. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Me and the hubby got our flu shots last week. I'm with you ~ last Winter I stayed healthy while everyone around me was sick.

    You should be the spokeswoman for colonoscopies :) Seriously, my dear friend's father died b/c he didn't do what Wayne did and have the procedure done. For him, it was just too late. Sad.

  4. You are a lucky woman to have Wayne and he's lucky to have you!
    As for flu shots, Clancy and I usually get the seasonal flu and the kids get flu mist. Their pediatrician, when asked about the H1N1 shot, told me that the kids really didn't need it and she did not recommend they get it. She did not say they shouldn't...We probably won't do the H1N1...except maybe Clancy , who has asthma.
    There's a funny phrase going around NW Arkansas, home of the Razorbacks, "I don't have swine flu, I have Hog fever!" I thought it was catchy.


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