Sunday, October 18, 2009

Learning Curves...

Hey everybody!!! I've been busy learning new things ~ but I've missed ya'll so much!!! Wayne bought me a new camera and I've been reading, reading, reading. There is so much to learn about photography, if you've never done anything but "point and shoot". Plus, I've been playing around with PhotoShop and Topaz Software, to create things, like "a painting of our road" {picture above} ~ but, I've made a few new things for the shop:"Gathering Berries" ~ gorgeous pearls & copper painted brass branches."Little Hoot" ~ a precious little owl pendant & faceted red agate stones - hand-knotted.
"Homoptera" ~ a gorgeous butterfly pendant & Fancy Jasper Stones - hand-knotted.

And, since you've patiently awaited my post, how 'bout a pair of these for the next giveaway ~ all you have to do is comment on this post! The winner will be picked by Lita Wednesday!

I'm off to make some new things & take some more pictures! Have a wonderful day, everybody!
♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"There is four hundred times as much learning in the world as there is wisdom." ~ Josh Billings


  1. you're always off on some adventure!

    pretty new things!

  2. Love the new pictures and the fun stuff you're able to do with the software.
    Seems like you and I live in similar places, but NC is so much bigger! Taller mountains, taller trees...
    taller waterfalls.
    Stay warm and healthy.


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