Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beaches, beads & blessings... favorite things! We had an awesome time at the beach! I never realized how beautiful the Atlantic coast was! It's my new favorite place. Although the Gulf of Mexico is gorgeous, with it's sugar white sands and coke bottle greenish/blue colored water, the Atlantic coast is nice, flat and walkable. And, you can ride bikes close to the shore! And the shells were everywhere. I picked up as much as I could carry and lugged them home to admire for years to come. This one is my favorite, though:I love how the coral was starting to form around it. The house we rented had gorgeous black granite counter tops in the kitchen, which made a great background for photographs. Now I'm on a mission to find a piece of granite to use for my jewelry photos.Our timing was perfect! We had a gorgeous full moon that we danced to the light of on the beach! This is a picture of Anne & Mike, admiring the moonlight. I'm so glad they were able to take a few days off and come join us. Of course, Anne insisted on cooking for us, so it was like having our own private chef while we were there! She's awesome! And Wayne's brother and his wife also came down from Boston and stayed the week with us. It was so good to see them and visit. We had a great time!

So on our last day there we drove in to Charleston, SC and visited the old "Slave Market". Way back when, the port of Charleston is where all of the slaves were brought in and sold. It was sad an creepy, but historical none-the-less. The market is now brimming with artists and vendors selling things from hot sauce to antique dolls. It reminded me a lot of the "French Market" in New Orleans and made me a little home sick. But the best part, without even knowing or realizing it, we parked less than a block from a huge bead store!"Black Market Minerals" on Market Street in downtown Charleston. Needless to say, I was in heaven! And Wayne just shook his head in disbelief. So after I drug him around shopping all afternoon, we enjoyed our last sunset on the beach together, hand in hand & played footsie in the sand:so bye bye beach, until we meet again!

You know, when I think about my life and how easy and laid back it is and how many wonderful friends I have, I realize how truly blessed I am. I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband, a terrific son and lots of great friends. I'm doing what I love and living a life I had once only dreamed of ~ Life is good ~ thanks for being a part of my life and reading my ramblings.

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"Gently remind yourself that life is okay the way it is, right now. In the absence of your judgment, everything would be fine. As you begin to eliminate your need for perfection in all areas of your life, you'll begin to discover the perfection in life itself." ~ Richard Carlson


  1. I've been thinking about you and wondering how you like the Atlantic. And I agree with you, Charleston reminds me of NOLA. We would take a ride into Ch'ton from Pawleys's Island, SC.

  2. I loved it, Katie!!! I wanna go back...soon :)

  3. Great article thanks for sharing. I posted a link to a great bead Ebook that I really enjoy reading.


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