Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mushrooms, mosses & happiness...

...well, it's been hard, but I finally decided that one of my "friends" just wasn't worth my time and energy anymore. Sorry I didn't post Friday, or yesterday, but I've been a little upset and not much in my usual "happy mode". After much soul searching and wracking my brain to try and figure out this person and try to go back in time and think if there was possibly anything that I ever did to make them upset, I realized that I never did anything but be very helpful, very generous and very kind. This person just chooses not to be happy and it's not my fault. I'm tired of seeing their sour puss face and their attitude towards me. It's as though they get pissed off because I'm happy. So I've sent their negative energies into my crystals and out of my worries and my life. Like Wayne told me "Kathy, you need to realize that you are one of the best friends anybody could possibly have and if someone doesn't appreciate that and recognize that, it's their own fault they are not your friend" ~ and it's 100% true. Thank you Wayne, for being my best friend ever! Besides, I'm almost 50 years old...I don't have time for negative energies in my life anymore. I'll stick to my "true friends" from now on! Thanks ya'll!!

So now to the important business at hand...Suzy #2 was the winner and now proud owner of these awesome earrings:Congratulations, Suzy!! ~ Enjoy!!
We've gotten so much rain lately...the mushrooms and mosses are exploding everywhere around here. Where we live [Transylvania County] is considered a "temperate rainforest" and it's sure proving to live up to that claim! I love all of the different mushrooms though. A whole family of these gorgeous yellow ones are growing under one of our baby pine trees. I love the color!! So bright & cheery!and the mosses are going crazy now, too! This is my favorite! It's called "British Soldier" ~ appropriately named :)

So I'm off to go see if I can find where the Robins made their new nest...I'm pretty certain they have more little babies somewhere close. Have a wonderful day and thanks for always reading my ramblings and supporting my work. You're the best!!!

♥ & peace always ~

"Buried deep in the maze of commonplace, the pearl of true happiness lies. And he who rejoices in little things, finds the pathway that leads to the prize." ~ Lucy M. Thompson

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