Thursday, November 11, 2010

A hike to a mountain top & some more "free" earrings!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous around here lately! So yesterday, we took full advantage of it and went on a hike up to "Stone Mountain"in Dupont Forest. Although the trail was a tad harrowing at times,the whole trek up there was totally worth it!! Absolutely breathtaking! The dogs had a blast!And I got some much needed fresh air & down time. If you are interested in seeing all of my photos from yesterdays hike, you can click here ~ enjoy :) I can get busy creating again. I did get these made yesterday:they are called "Strawberry Fields Forever" and are for sale in both my Etsy Shop & ArtFire Shop! But, I'm giving a pair of them away on my blog!!! Yes, yes!!! But, instead of you just posting a comment like "I love these", or "I would love to win these", let's make it more fun this time! All you have to do is post a comment about what you like to do to wind down, like hiking, biking, reading, sleeping, etc....I would love to hear what you have to say! Ozzy will be picking the winner Monday ~ good luck!! So Ozzy got is stitches out and he's doing great! The turtleneck shirts worked out perfect and kept him from being able to lick his incision. But, in saying that, Lita was so jealous that we had to put a shirt on her, too! She loved it! She don't know why she had it on, but it ranked her right back up to "boss" status ~ lol

Welp, I'm off to get some things ready for the ArtMart this weekend @ the Transylvania County Arts Council! Come out and see me if you live close enough. The party is tomorrow night from 6 to 8 and the ArtMart Public Sale will be Saturday from 9am until 4pm. It'll be lots of fun and a great opportunity to jump start your holiday shopping!!

Have a great weekend peeps! Don't forget to comment on this post for a chance to win these gorgeous earrings!!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"The better part of happiness is to wish to be what you are." ~ Desiderius Erasmus


  1. Having a toddler AND a teenager in the house, I'm not sure I know what "down time" is. I do love taking a walk and just being in the moment.... looking at the beauty that is all around; it is especially nice with the changing leaves and the blue, blue skies as a backdrop. Your hike looked invigorating and heavenly! Happy Veteran's Day. Enjoy the weekend!!

  2. Love your pictures!!!

  3. Kudos Dana R.
    myself having a toddler and a newborn, the only down"time I know is the 2 min potty break I get inbetween nursing and potty training. My downtime wish would be a long hot soak in a bubble bath with a tall glass of wine and some relaxing music. Maybe one day Ill regain the energy for hiking or riding my bike around town, but until then Kathy your lovely photos will suffice. Thank you so much for your frequent post on pretty places and pretty little things. btw LOVE the earrings!!!!!

  4. Oh how I wish I could walk...stupid plantar issues! I'm living vicariously through your photos Kathy, so thank you.
    What are those leggings you're wearing?? I love them.
    Remember, rub something yummy on my number this week!! lol

  5. Ya'll are awesome!! And Jen, I got those sweater leggings last year on clearance at K-Mart for $5. I loved them so much, I went flying back over there the very next day and got 2 more pair. So, I have 3 pair and I wear them all through the warm & cozy. If I see some this year, I grab you a pair!

  6. Hey Kathy-
    Glad you all got out to enjoy this amazing weather. I've been spending some time out in the woods too! I enjoy being outside so much, whether it's hiking, biking or spending some
    quality time in the garden. As Devin says, its so meditative to watch the garden grow. Enjoy the weekend. I might stop by the Art Council event tomorrow and say hey.
    Be well,

  7. I'll have to get by our local KMart and see if they have any this year...if you see some, please do grab them!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Yeehaw girl:) It's just a total joy to know you and Wayne are "livin' the life". At least I hope that's what all these pictures mean!!!!

    Missing you all something terrible, but just awesome-happy for you both. (((MUUUUAH)))

  9. These are beautiful Kathy!! You just get more amazing everyday with you creativity!!! This is how I relax and unwind, I go to your website and listen to this little song and look at all your stuff!!! Keeps me relaxed for hours...I love you so much and miss you more and more everyday!!!


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