Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who cooks for you...

...had to share!  Wayne and I saw this awesome Owl yesterday afternoon!  He flew from the side of the road and up into the tree.  Wayne stopped the car and I jumped out with my camera.  Of course, he flew into another tree when he saw me and then Wayne starting "hooting" and the Owl turned around long enough for me to get this awesome shot!  People say the Owl "hoots" sound like they are saying "who cooks for you".
After spotting the Owl, we continued on to "Pretty Place", which is located in "Camp Greenville", just a short drive from our house.  We drove down there to watch the moon come up.  It was gorgeous!  And I lucked out and got this great shot of Wayne, standing by the cross, with the moon shining bright:
It was a great evening...topped off with some Mexican Food from a restaurant in town:
ah...Happy Saturday Night!

♥ & peace always ~ Kathy

"When I die, tell my Doctor that the lunatic is in the ground and I'll see her on the dark side of the moon." ~ James H. Wright {my daddy} ~ 3 days before his cancer won the war.

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