Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holiday Coupon Code!!!

Hey Everybody!!!!  As promised, here is a Holiday Coupon Code that will be good until December 31st.  Just enter coupon code HOLIDAY2011 at checkout and enjoy 10% off of your total purchase.  Be sure to keep checking the shop, as I will be adding new things daily, like these:
 I named them "Migration", since they reminded me so much of the Monarch Butterfly migration that makes its way through my area in the early fall.  The glass leaves are gorgeous!  And speaking of gorgeous, Wayne and I took a ride to the Biltmore Estate yesterday, just to walk around and see what was still blooming.  There was hardly anybody there, so we basically had the whole place to ourselves, which was awesome!  And lots of things were still blooming, but this was my favorite:
And this cute little cactus flower:
Lots of Roses:
And a beautiful afternoon:
Happy November!!!  Check back tomorrow...I'm having a giveaway!  

love & peace always ~ Kathy

"November always seemed to me the Norway of the year." ~ Emily Dickinson

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