Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's the time of the Season...

...I can see so many leaves!  I must be having the best day ever!  This is the view from my studio window:
 And my driveway:
I love Autumn, with its gorgeous display of color, but I'd just as soon skip right over Winter and go straight to Spring!  So today, when I awoke to this awesome Autumn view, I decided to make some "Season" earrings, of which these gorgeous glass leaves clearly represent:
And, of course, I also decided that I'll be giving some away on this post!  All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me about your favorite Season and which pair of earrings you like the best.  Ozzy will be picking a winner on Monday morning!  Good Luck!!  If you want to see more photos of them and read the descriptions, they are all for sale right here in my shop!

Seems as though traveling to three major cities in one week has taken its toll on my immune system.  I'm feeling a little better today, but still coughing and stuffed up a tad.  Wayne is also feeling a little "under the weather", so I cooked us up a big ole pot of Red Beans & Rice, using my favorite "Blue Runner" Red Beans from Gonzales, Louisiana and some "Savoie's" Andouille Sausage!  Of course, I think it's against the law [seriously] to eat Red Beans & Rice without cornbread, so I dug out my last box of Jiffy Cornbread mix and forgot that I had ran out of milk, so I used 1/3 cup of "Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk" instead.  Lol ~ they didn't taste any different, but were slightly off on color...they looked more like bran muffins, but were way more yummy!
So I hope all of you are staying well so far this Autumn!  It's hard to stay warm, that's for sure!  Another one of my "under the weather" picker uppers is my favorite "Gypsy Cold Care Herbal Tea" ~ mix in a teaspoon of local honey and it really does keep you feeling better!!  I promise!

Good Luck in the drawing!  Ozzy loves the leaves, too:
  love & peace always ~ Kathy

P.S.  Don't forget...use coupon code HOLIDAY2011 in my Etsy Shop for 10% off your total through December 31st [can certainly be used more than once]  Please share with your friends and keep encouraging purchasing of handmade goods!  Thank you!!

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  1. I appreciate all of the seasons, each beautiful in their own unique way. However, my favorite is definitely Spring. It is amazing to watch everything come to life. Much like the seasons, I love all of your earrings. My favorite pair just happens to be.... "Spring."


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