Saturday, May 12, 2012

Listen with your eyes...'ll be amazed at what you learn.  This is my new motto!  I saw these two trees yesterday and, after stopping to look closer, noticed that they were actually hugging ~ touched my ♥ 
 And then, a little farther down the road, was a huge stand of large pine trees!  Standing tall, side by side, as far as they eye can see ~ what a beautiful day!!  Happy Saturday!!
Before I go...I just had to share this awesome thrift store find from today!  Three Brian Andreas [collected stories & drawings] books for 25cents each!!!  And, now that I've peaked your curiosity, an excerpt from "Coming Somewhere Soon":
"I try not to collect too much because having stuff takes more time than you think.  But, then again, sometimes it's good to stay busy."
love & peace always ~ Kathy

"listen with your'll be amazed at what you learn." ~ Kathy Hardy

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  1. Hooray for hugging trees!! That makes my heart & spirit soar.


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