Monday, April 15, 2019

Being Honest with Myself!

It happens year after year! Every January, I start off with all of these plans to make my life new things, try new foods, take more time for myself, meditate, end world hunger, save all the animals, volunteer more, etc., etc., etc. And then, all of a sudden it's April 15th and I'm in a funk! What have I done so far this year, besides finish my taxes on time [I guess I can give myself a pat on the back for that]. And then today's meditation read was spot on:
 "Acceptance/Honesty" Some of us do not know the difference between putting ourselves down, thus refusing to accept our gifts and talents, and accepting who we are. Indeed, we often bounce between being worthless and being totally arrogant. Interestingly, "feeling like a piece of shit" and feeling that we are unique and wonderful are intimately related. In both illusions, we refuse to see ourselves as we really are. It is only when we are able to say "I know nothing about that," or "I am really good at doing that and quite knowledgeable about that," that we are moving toward acceptance of self. Seeing our shortcomings allows us to accept them. Accepting our strengths allows us to soar. Honesty about self is the key. [April 15 meditation from the book "Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much" by Anne Wilson Schaef]
I realized today that most of what I stress out about are things I "don't get done", when, what is most important, are the things I actually "do get done". It can be overwhelming to me at times when there are days my plate is overflowing with things to do. And then, I also realize, I am in charge of my own schedule, so when I overflow my plate, it's my own fault! But, I've always worked better under pressure, and with a deadline..."crunch time" used to be my BEST time to get things done. Basically, I'm just a procrastinator...something else that is MY fault! So the reading today was really a wake up call, of sorts and now I'm being totally honest with myself. What gets done, gets done...I'm not going to stress over it anymore, since I know "me" and I know that when it comes down to the wire, it will be done! Wow! That felt really good to say!
These cute little quotes in my post today will be made into "lunch box notes" and printed on 4x4 cards. I sure have enjoyed creating them [another reason I don't get anything else done, but again, MY fault ~ lol]

Have a great week! love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Today I have the opportunity not to be grandiose about either my shortcomings or my capabilities. I can be ME" ~ Anne Wilson Schaef

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