Friday, March 8, 2019


This is so true for me today! Oh my gosh! Remember the photo I posted of the expectant couple in this post last week? Well, the baby was born last Thursday, which, ironically, was my daddy's 84th birthday and I still can't believe he's been gone from this earth for almost 19 years already! I asked him and God to keep me calm and use me to capture a moment in time that would never happen again. A calmness seemed to come over me while I drove to the birthing center and witnessed my very first ever child birth. It was raining, the room was dark and I was worried about the lighting and what kind of images I would be able to capture [or if any were even going to be usable]. Right when the baby was being born, the sun came out and the nurse opened the was beautiful and I would do it over again and again [not so sure about my sweet friend actually giving birth], but I would be there for her again!
She had the baby --- a little boy, named Isa, in a birthing tub. this photo is of her, her husband and their sweet doula, seeing the baby for the very first time! A true miracle, really! And then I went back over yesterday to snap a few newborn photos for them
When I was gathering my things to leave, they asked if they could pay me anything for my "services" and I told them that they already had. What I took away from this wonderful experience is worth way more than anything money could buy. Sometimes it's not about what you are "getting", it's more about what you are "receiving"...there is a huge difference!

Happy Friday!

love and peace always ~ Kathy
A beautiful little Crocus flower that popped up in my flower bed the same day Isa was born!

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