Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Now this was the perfect card for me today! Yesterday, I did a maternity photo shoot for a lovely couple expecting their first child together. I love how beautiful they were together, how loving and how tender, when I was photographing them. I captured a few really good "moments" between them:
Before I left, they asked me if I would come to the birthing center and take photographs of the birth. His family is from India and they are flying here for the event and all of the traditional happenings of their culture. Not only am I super excited about photographing my first ever birth [I've never even seen a live birth], but to also be able to capture and be a part of those traditions. But, with all of that being said, I am super nervous! I'm always second guessing my with this photo...I'm thinking...shoot, I should've placed his arm under her arm and then placed her hand on top of his...blah de blah blah...the list of what I should've done or could've done goes on and on. But the bottom line was a total fluke that he was even in the photos! He came outside just to watch us and I beckoned him over for the photographs...they turned out beautiful! 
So why do I get so nervous about taking photographs of people? I've been a professional photographer for several years now, but I still get all beside myself when it comes to photographing people. I need to just get over that and stop worrying about it, because everybody always loves their pictures! So the card I pulled today is a great reminder for me to just go with the flow [literally]! So now I'm "on call" waiting for the baby...

Happy Wednesday! love and peace always ~ Kathy

"If you are not going all the way, why go at all?" ~ Joe Namath

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