Sunday, February 24, 2019

Truth and a few little white lies!

So this is the Oracle card I pulled for myself today. This is a hard one, especially for me. And it's not so much about telling the truth, it's about when to say NO and mean it, without hurting someones feelings. That's what comes really hard for me. Seems like I'm always agreeing to do something, before I've even had two seconds to think about it! I guess it's because I am so creative in my work and I do so many things, people automatically assume that's ALL I want to talk about or hear about...but, it's not! It seems like, a lot of times, as soon as I start talking to someone, within just a few minutes, they are asking me either, "how" to do blah de blah, or if I "can" do blah de blah for them, or telling me "you should do" blah de blah. As soon as this starts happening, I just shut down inside and I just want to run away. 
There are actually only a handful of people in my life that I can be around and talk to and have fun and a good conversation, without them asking something of me. And, because of this, I have become very conscious of it when talking to others that probably feel the same way! For instance, when I see my doctor out at a restaurant, I make sure I don't bring up any type of health issue talk, unless he asks me, and then I usually just say, I'm feeling great, thanks for asking! It's the same thing! I feel like he hears enough of that on a daily basis! I ask things more like, how have you been, how are the dogs, have you been on any good hikes lately, etc. And I know people don't even realize how another person feels being bombarded with "will you and can you's". It can be exhausting. But instead of telling them the "truth" about how it makes me feel, I just nod and say "okay" --- I can do that for you [little white lies, since I'm wanting to scream out NO NO NO inside]
But on a happier note, the Sun was out this morning! Yay! I got up with my coffee and my camera and headed out to soak up some much needed vitamin D! 
And I discovered a brand new little patch of Crocus Flowers, that were happy to see the Sun, too!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth." ~ Alice Cary

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