Monday, February 25, 2019


This is so spot on for me today! I looked around my studio yesterday and thought...I have no room to even lay a book down on my desk! Not that I need to hone in some Marie Kondo skills [yet], but at least try to get a grip on what I use every day and what I don't and put that stuff away, or put it in a box for give away. I taped a note to the bottom of my computer screen, well over a year ago, that reads "everything I need, I already have" --- and it's true! I've really been focusing on not buying one single thing I do not need! Of course, I still have to purchase fabric, shipping supplies, jewelry supplies [wire, earwires, clasps, etc.], but I don't NEED anymore beads, anymore books, anymore shoes, anymore purses, anymore scarves, anymore cloths...the list is endless, really. Besides, I'm going to "need" a new laptop soon, so I "need" to save my $$ for that! But, until that happens, I am perfectly content with what I already have! And this oracle card makes my will to stay focused on that even stronger!
And yay!!! The Sun has finally come out and the little Spring flowers have started popping up all over the place! One of my most favorites, these little Crocus Flowers, just make me happy! I spotted this little patch blooming this morning on my way to the mailbox! Hope they make you happy, too!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

"Life is good when you can see the good in life." ~ Kathy Hardy

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