Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Life is Good when you see the Good in Life!

Every day I wake up and think "today is the day for change". And every night when I go to bed I think "tomorrow is the day for change". The bottom line is that, we can only change, or fix, what we can control ourselves. When we realize AND see the "good" in everything, including people, we feel a sudden relief, something shifts within us and we become the people we want others to see and to feel. Until that happens, we'll just go along, bobbing along...hating, regretting, accusing, blaming, etc., other people for OUR happiness! So many people just don't get that! But I do [thank goodness]! 
I can look outside and see the birds, the trees, the mountains and I think "how lucky am I". But I know people that could sit in my same chair and see something totally different...for example "those pesky birds make way to much noise and they poop all over the place...and now the leaves are falling from the trees, so I'll have to get out my blower and blow them all away, and if the neighbors would cut down some of their trees, I could see more of the mountains". But another thing we've all realized about others is that you can never change a person's mind, once it's made up. So, I'll leave you with this wonderful rendition of "Hallelujah" by my amazing son, Broc! 
I hope everyone enjoys their day! Always try to see the good in life!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

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