Monday, December 21, 2020

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter! What a day this will be! The 2020 Winter Solstice, 1st Quarter Moon AND the "Christmas Star"! A time to remember that everything dark will once again see light. A time to reflect and be thankful and grateful for what this life has given us, not dwell on what we've lost, but what we've gained by looking inward. Winter is a time to nurture ourselves, grow spiritually and listen to our bodies and souls. I'm loving this excerpt from the Daily Om today about Winter:

"Though your daily schedule may remain more or less the same no matter what time of year it is, you will find in winter many opportunities to honor the way in which you are impacted by this most magical of seasons. At first glance, the world may seem desolate during the coldest months. Yet there are many unique and stimulating sensory experiences to be had -- in the intricate beauty of individual snowflakes, the patterns of frost that form on your windows, the tang of smoke from wood-fueled fireplaces, the crunch of freshly fallen snow under your feet, and the briskness of the air. Do not be afraid to venture joyfully out into the cold and the snow as you may have when you were a child. A tingling and reddened nose is a small price to pay for a clear mind and invigorated soul. If your body articulates a desire to rest, give yourself permission to spend your free time reading, writing in your journal, daydreaming, engaging in artistic pursuits, playing board games, working a puzzle or meditating."

I'm looking forward to spending more time working on my digital art AND more time outside in the woods! Winter is a great time to explore the forest and look for holes in trees...a sure sign of housing baby birds in the Spring! Many plants would not blossom in the springtime were it not for the period of dormancy that is the gift of winter's chill. Their example can inspire us to use this season of slumber to cleanse ourselves of spiritual and emotional detritus like flora shedding lifeless foliage so that we, too, may emerge from under the frost refreshed and renewed when spring arrives!

Merry Christmas!

love and peace always ~ Kathy

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