Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bird Nest & Birthdays

Today is Wayne's Birthday! All he wanted was for me to write a limerick for him, so I wrote 3. He loves that stuff. I also have to share this awesome birdnest that was in one of my bushes. The limb had broken and it was about to fall on the ground. So, after Ozzy checked it all out, I brought it in for a permanent place in my curio cabinet. And, as promised, my own version of "Mary Englebright" quotes, but it's actually one from Emily Dickinson ~ enjoy.

For those of you who missed the frog in my hot tub, I'm sharing him here as well. He was having a great day until we showed up. He'll be fine, though. I placed him in the tree and I think I heard him "chirping" last night. He's just so darned cute:

I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and I wish you all a great Holiday tomorrow. We are having a great time. This weekend was the "White Squirrel Festival" here in Brevard. It was really fun. Lots of great music, fun & new friends. So, I'll leave you today with one of the limericks I wrote for Wayne and I'll be back in a few days. xxoo & peace ~ Kathy

If I were a beautiful tree, I'd have eyes so that I could see..
My branches would sway with the breezes all day...
And your shade is what I'd long to be.... ~ Author ~ Yours truly :0)


  1. aaahh... i like that limerick, it's so sweet.

  2. Thanks ya'll! We are having an awesome time & Wayne had a wonderful Birthday ;0)

  3. Happy Birthday!!
    Cute poem!! :)
    Glad to hear you guys are having a great time in your new home.


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